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Beach Wedding Rings

To the love of my life, Happy Anniversary. May we be blessed with many more amazing years together. We’ll never have to wonder if we missed out on each other! I’m a lucky girl.

Beach Wedding Sunset

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16 Responses

  1. Kelly Perry says:

    Happy Anniversary! May your day be filled with love and happiness

    • jennifer says:

      thanks kelly!!! he’s actually out of town today, but hopefully saturday will be filled with love and happiness lol.

  2. How sweet! Happy anniversary!

  3. Debbi says:

    Happy anniversary!! I’ll have to see if I can find my shirt!

  4. Erica says:

    Happy Anniversary! We share the same day, we got married in 2009 though!

  5. awe, not only gorgeous but so clever! {with the rings as 0’s :}

  6. Trina says:

    Oh I missed this post! I haven’t checked my email much this week since I don’t look at it at work now :\ Hope y’all have had a chance to celebrate this weekend!

  7. Theresa says:

    Happy Anniversary! My husband and I also married on 08.08.08! :-)

  8. Tyohat is awesome Congratulations (claps) N nice ring ny the way! Score

  9. [...] week was my husband’s birthday on the 7th and our anniversary on the 8th. He was out of town for both, so we celebrated his birthday when he got back this [...]

  10. Jackie says:

    Awww.. that’s so sweet! What beautiful pics. Hope you guys had a great anniversary!! :):)

  11. [...] he carried me over the threshold {and bumped my head} when we returned from our 08-08-08 beach wedding, I moved out of my townhouse and into his home, we kept the best of our duplicate everything [...]

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