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Mini Business Cards

Moo Mini Business Cards

I’m officially a brand y’all {cuz that’s all it takes to be a brand is picking up some business cards, right?!?! lol}. My bud Trina introduced me to Moo business cards, and I couldn’t wait to design a set for my site, complete with a colorized QR code so that you can scan right to FabFatale.com from your smart phone. I also ordered a hot pink plastic case that contrasts nicely against the slate blue vintage-styled cards.

In all honesty, since I don’t run around talking about my blog, my manicures are actually my business cards. I get so many people asking me, “how did you do that?” I try to tell them about my site so they can get more info on my manis, but they have to write it down, or remember how to spell it. So now when I get compliments on my manicures, I can just whip out a card and direct them to my site.

In other Fab Fatale branding news lol, I was finally able to obtain the Fab Fatale usernames at Twitter and Facebook. If you have me bookmarked or in your contacts for either of these sites, I hope you’ll update to facebook.com/FabFatale and twitter.com/FabFatale. My social media buds were always trying to mention me at those usernames, so I’m happy I was finally able to secure those pages.

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