Manicure Mondays – Ombre Nails

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Ombre Nails - Ombre Manicure

Happy Manicure Mondays! I hope you all had a great weekend! We’re hoping to put our house on the market soon, so my Saturday and Sunday was filled with spring cleaning in the summer. We’re going through the “edit” phase right now, which means we’ll be piling things in boxes and putting it all in storage until our house sells. Fun, right lol?!?! Wish us luck!

Today I am excited about the first of many fun summer manicures I have planned for you all. I wanted to do a few neon and neutral summer manicures, so I thought the first up should be ombre nails. First, I used two coats of Essie Sand Tropez, followed by a layer of dry fast top coat. I let it dry pretty good before going on to the next step so that the mani doesn’t get too goopey when I press on the gradient effect.

Next, put a big blob of the Sand Tropez on a paper plate right next to a big blob of NYX Neon Mania Yellow nail polish. Mix the colors, only in the middle, with a toothpick. Press a triangle cosmetic sponge into the polish on the plate, and then roll the sponge across your nails {as you’d do with nail stamping}, with the neon color at the tip of your nails. Do this a few times until you get the level of neon at the tips that you’d like. Let it dry for a couple of minutes to prevent smudging, then top with a quick dry top coat. This will smooth out any of the sponged texture.

Ombre Nails - Ombre Manicure

So what do you all think of my ombre nails. Is this a manicure you’d like to try? It’s pretty dang easy, and I LOVE the effect!

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