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Beach Wedding – Passports and RSVP Postcards DIY

Airline Ticket Inviations - Beach Wedding

I went all out on the DIY for my beach wedding four years ago. My colors were sunset orange and sky blue and my theme was literally our beach destination – from the vintage Florida postcard stamps I created at Zazzle.com to my signature hibiscus on my cake, stamps, and invitations, as well as the beach themed music and food. My guests received a big ‘ol box including sunscreen, airline ticket invitations, a passport, and an RSVP postcard.

The Passport

I posted my diy airline ticket invitations {complete with a downloadable template file} a few months ago, and have had several requests to see more of what I put together for my big day. Besides the airline ticket invitations, the passport that I included in the invitation box was the biggest undertaking.

DIY Passport Invitations - Beach Wedding

I created a cover for the passport on thick paper using my signature orange color and a printed texture to give the look of an actual leather passport. Inside, I used thin pages like a real passport, bound by a sewing machine, filled with 11 pages of info including where to stay, my contact info, a timeline for the big day and a fun map to show my guests where to go for the wedding and then reception. I even printed cancellation stamps on the background of the pages, just as you’d see in a real traveler’s passport. Every page for every passport was cut by hand using my cutterpede.

DIY Passport Invitations - Beach Wedding

I used a lot of clipart from Microsoft and pasted them into Photoshop as vector images to create this map. Rings and hearts show where the wedding will take place, and a big cake shows where the reception will take place, all at Carillon Beach, Florida, a beach house rental community. I’ve also highlighted the hotel on property where my guests may like to stay.

DIY Passport Invitations - Beach Wedding

The event details coordinates with the map to show guests where to go and when. The general info lets people know where to park and how to dress.

The RSVP Postcard

DIY RSVP Postcard - Beach Wedding

I downloaded a blank postcard template at VistaPrint.com and designed these “Greetings From Carillon” postcard RSVPs in my signature orange and blue colors. Upload the front and back designs as separate images, and they mail you a stack of postcards, in proper mailing dimensions, a few days later. It couldn’t be easier.

DIY RSVP Postcard - Beach Wedding

This is the backside of the RSVP postcard. Guests simply fill in their name and drop the pre-stamped post card in the mail. Like the vintage Florida postcard stamps I used on my invitation boxes, I also created this stamp at Zazzle.com using my signature hibiscus.

The Invitation Box

DIY Passport Invitations Box Wedding

Here is the completed invitation box. I tried to use materials that were a little beachy and natural from the matte brown tape used to seal the box to the elixir used to fill it. The boxes were matte white in dimensions just big enough to hold the airline ticket invitations, passport, postcards and sunscreen.

Pics From Our Day

Because I couldn’t help myself, here are a few pics from our big day. Sorry in advance for the pic overload, but I just couldn’t choose a few favorites from Paul Johnson’s beautiful photography. Our wedding was also featured in the 2009 edition of The Knot magazine which was beyond exciting!

Beach Wedding Rings

Our rings on our wedding date.

Beach Wedding Bouquet - Orange Orchids and Crystal Crab Brooch

My beach wedding orange orchid bouquet with a crystal crab brooch.

Beach Wedding Ring Bearer Shell

I used a shell as my beach wedding ring bearer pillow.

Beach Wedding Groomsmen Gifts Bobble Heads

Our groomsmen gifts – bobbleheads in their wedding attire. We gave these to the groomsmen at the rehearsal dinner, which was also my husband’s birthday, so I surprised him with one in his “likeness” too lol.

Beach Wedding Fan Programs

Our wedding programs on fans.

Beach Wedding Gazebo Altar

Our gazebo aisle. It was a no shoes allowed beach wedding. All of our guests were served lemonade at the top of the steps.

BeachWedding Altar

Our beach wedding altar of branches and floating orchids.

Beach Wedding Flower Girl Pail

Our beautiful flower girl and her beach pail. Loved my Nicole Miller wedding dress.

Beach Wedding Dress Party

I now pronounce you husband and wife.

Beach Wedding House

A fun wedding party pic at our beach house rental.

Beach Wedding Centerpiece Orange Flowers

Our reception with orange orchid centerpieces.

Beach Wedding Cake Hibiscus

Our orange wedding cake with my signature hibiscus.

Beach Wedding Favors Rosemary Seasalt

Our wedding favors were bottles of rosemary and “sea” salt.

Beach Wedding Chalkboard Menu

Our beach reception menu written with chalkboard markers.

Beach Wedding Menu Ceviche

Ceviche appetizers.

Beach Wedding First Dance

Our first dance to Lifehouse “Everything”.

Beach Wedding Coldstone Catering

Coldstone catered our big day with made to order icecream and toppings.

Beach Wedding Sunset

Our “magic hour” sunset moment, perfect for my sunset themed wedding.

Beach Wedding Lit Up Tables

Our tables were lit from underneath, a surprise to our guests as the sun went down.

Beach Wedding Sparklers

A sparkler send-off.

Beach Wedding Bridal Party Jumping In Pool

Me and my bridesmaids jumping in the pool to cool off after a hot night on the dancefloor.

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Your Thoughts?

  • Lindsey E.

    What an amazing wedding and a beautiful bride. I would love to have a very similar wedding. Are you open for being a planner? :)

    • jennifer

      i would LOVE to… if only i had the time :) feel free to steal any of my ideas though :) are you getting married soon?

      • Lisa

        Hi :) ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE BRIDESMAID DRESSES!!! Where did you get them? Brands????

  • I’ve seen your wedding pics before, but I always enjoy looking at them. You totally outdid yourself. My wedding was NOTHING like this and I’m a bit jelly haha. Completely unique and gorgeous. Fantastic job girl!

    • jennifer

      thank u!!! do you have any wedding pics at your blog? i’d love to see them!

      • Girl, I was married before digital pics were popular :( haha And even if I did have any, my wedding was so plain it wouldn’t be anything you’d not seen before. Wish I could have a redo! {but with the same hubs! haha}

        • Susan

          You can do an anniversary reception! Or a redo of your vows.

  • BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing this with us, Jen! I, for one, am *always* a sucker for weddings, but with the possibility of a “destination wedding” on my horizon, I was very interested in your passport idea for the invitations – something I’ll definitely consider!

    You made for a lovely bride, and your ceremony and reception details were gorgeous!

    • jennifer

      thank u so much! if you use the passport idea, you’ll have to let me know. i hope you’ll share pics from your big day :)

  • Nancy

    Wow!!!! I am in awe! How beautiful and all the unique touches makes it fun but elegant! Love the lighted tables too!

    • jennifer

      fun but elegant is EXACTLY what i was going for! im so happy you thought so :) the light up tables were my fav :)

  • this is so beautiful jennifer

    • jennifer

      thanks so much megan!

  • zimmy_b

    Wow, that is all sooo beautiful! Very jealous XP

    • jennifer

      thank you :)

  • Oh my goodness! Jennifer, this just made my day! You should also mention that your wedding has been published in the Knot too! It’s so exciting to see this blog, a new bride even sent me the link! Everything was beautiful and Rhonda still shows off your custom-designed cake that matched your entire look! What a joy it was to be a part of your day.

    Sending you & JH the best! Victoria & Avis

    • jennifer

      oh im so happy you found this post. i was going to share the link with you :) we had the time of our lives at carillon and i wouldn’t change a thing. best day ever and the most fun i’ve ever had. thank you so much for your comment and i hope to see you at carillon soon for our anniversary :)

  • Ooh! I did see you mentioned your wedding feature! Sorry! We still love seeing the article and brides still refer to your ‘blue house’ picture, because it was also published in Gulf Coast Bride!

  • Natalie

    What a beautiful wedding! And such good ideas for party favours and decorations. I love the beach house photo, it’s so fun! It must have taken an insane amount of planning!

    • jennifer

      its crazy because i booked the location in march and our wedding was the beginning of august, so i only had a few months of planning; however, every night and weekend of those months was spent at my dining room table workin on my DIY wedding, and i didn’t know what to do with myself after the day had come and gone lol. i kept feeling like i should be at the table working on something… so i started a blog, LOL.

      • Natalie

        Ahh! So this is how it all began! Brilliant! At least you’re being productive (a lot moreso than I am!)

  • Aahhh that crab brooch is the cutest thing ever!

    • jennifer

      isn’t it fun? im so happy you like it, thanks!

  • Michelle

    Wow. This is amazing. Loved all of the photos. Your wedding day looked absolutely amazing!

    • jennifer

      thank you so much, michelle :)

  • WOW! How fab is that?! This has to be the most polished DIY wedding I’ve ever seen!!! Everything was gorgeous and the ideas are so creative! Most people get too cheesy with themes when they DIY a wedding but this is absolutely flawless!

  • Aline

    Where did you buy your flower girl dress? I’ve been looking all over for something like that!!

  • hi, i love your flower girl’s dress. can you email me where she bought it?? kkertesz@gmail.com

  • Lisha Cunningham

    Where did you buy the bottles?

    • jennifer

      hey lisha, the rosemary sea salt bottles? i picked them all up at michaels. they usually carry 10 at a time, so i’d buy them all and then go back the next week to buy more. are you having a beach wedding? hope this helps :)

  • Lauren

    Very beautiful and inspiring wedding! Can you tell me where you got the flower girl dress? Darling!

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  • shay

    Absolutely amazing! What did you use to light up the tables?

    • jennifer

      I’m not really sure. I shared the idea with my decorator and I’m not sure how she ended up making it come to life. I never thought to look under the table since I was so busy running my mouth or dancing lol. I know she wanted to make sure she used something that didn’t get hot so no one would burn themselves. The reception started before dark, so it was fun to watch people notice that the tables were lit up as the sun went down. :)

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