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Manicure Mondays – OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Appliques

OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Appliques Press On Nail Strips Blue Fishnet

OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Appliques – Blue Fishnet

OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Appliques Press On Nail Strips Reptile

OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Appliques – Reptile

OPI is launching their all new Pure Lacquer Nail Appliques this month, real nail polish strips available in 14 different designs. They let me pick out two of my favorite appliques to review and I chose the blue fishnet and the reptile. I LOVED both designs – the blue was so fun and perfect for summer and the reptile, perfect for fall/winter, is actually much more beautiful than it shows in the pic above.

Since we’ve seen press on nail strips before, I’ll compare and contrast OPI’s to other brands. The OPI Pure Lacquer nail appliques were super easy to apply with no smoothing issues and I love having a greater selection of designs on the market to choose from. Compared to the original nail appliques {at least the first I’d ever heard tried}, Salon Effects by Sally Hansen, which are thick and provide great coverage for nail ridges and visible nail lines {VNL}, OPI’s appliques are a little on the thin side. You can see my nail ridges in the blue fishnet pic above. Also, this brand is a little harder to remove than the Sally Hansen brand, similar to Incoco nail strips, as it has a gummy sticky layer that rolls up under a cotton swab. Lastly, OPI’s nail appliques do not come with a nail file and cuticle stick like Sally Hansen’s, which is interesting since OPI’s pricing is a little higher at $11.95 vs. Sally Hansen’s price tag of $9.99.

Overall, the designs are beautiful and I love their selection. They’re super easy to apply, but I’m not sure that I’d spend $11.95 on appliques that are this difficult to remove, are thin, and a little more expensive than other appliques on the market.

So what do you think of OPI’s Pure Lacquer Nail Appliques. See any designs you’d like to try?

OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Appliques Press On Nail Strips Creams

OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Appliques Creams – Gray Rattlesnake, Peacock, Fishnet, Parisian, Reptile, Floral, Pink and Black Lace

OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Appliques Press On Nail Strips Shimmers

OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Appliques Shimmers – Metallic Waves, Sequins, Zig Zag Sparkle, Geometric Sparkle, Gold Lace, Pink and Silver Lace, Girly Glam

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Your Thoughts?

  • I have been wondering how well the nail appliques really work and if they are worth even trying. Thanks!

    • jennifer

      you’re so welcome. if you give them a try, you’ll have to let me know what you think :)

  • Eboni

    Ooh! The designs look a little more sophisticated and luxe than the Sally Hansen version, but I agree with you on the price…unless I wanted a specific design, I’d probably go with the cheaper option.

    Thanks for the review!

    • jennifer

      heeeey eboni, good to hear from you and you’re so welcome :)

  • Kim

    Where do you buy the OPI stickers?

    • jennifer

      hey kim, they come out this month, so im not sure if they’re available in stores just yet. you should be able to find them wherever OPI is sold near you, so probably target? when i see some in stores, i’ll definitely let you know :)

  • love the designs, don’t love the price…

    • jennifer

      amen, same here :) if you have short nails like i do, you can cut them in half for double the use :) helps stretch the dollar out a little more.

  • Debbi

    Pretty, but none really struck my fancy enough to spend that kind of money especially if they’re harder to get off (and I had no fun with the Sally Hansen ones I got).

    • jennifer

      i always found the sally hansen appliques really easy to remove. which design did you use? if it’s a glitter or shimmer, those are always pretty difficult to remove. these had a weird sticky layer that was gummy, kinda like removing a price tag off of a plate or something lol. not easy at all.

  • Meg

    I’ve been a little afraid to try nail appliques — I’m not very talented with nail designs, that’s for sure, but I worry I won’t apply them right and basically waste my money! I’ve gotten a few different types in my Birchbox subscription but haven’t tried any of them. Guess I need to get over that and just bite the bullet — and I like the blue fishnet design!

    • jennifer

      ohhhh which ones did you pick up in your birchbox. definitely try those out for practice so you dont waste your money. its pretty easy once you get the hang of it and they’re so fun.

  • I keep seeing these and I’m in love! I love them all, but specifically the pink peacock and the blue fishnet one. So pretty, and perfect application in your part! ;)

    • jennifer

      im so happy you like them, thanks! if i could have gone for a third to try out, it would have definitely been the peacock. i LOVE the colors :)

  • pretty! LOVE that reptile print.

    • jennifer

      im so happy you like them, thanks! i LOVE the reptile. they looks so much better in person than they do in the pic. very minx-like :)

  • meritxell


    Do you know where I can buy the OPI’s nail appliqué online?


    • jennifer

      hey meritxell, i think they were limited edition for the holidays.

  • Linda

    I found an OPI’s nail appliqué’s on clearance at Ulta tried them and absolutely would recommend over Sally Hansen’s.