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Manicure Mondays – Essie Navigate Her

Essie Navigate Her Spring 2012 Collection Swatches

I’m loving the color selection from Essie’s Navigate Her collection. There’s a little something for everyone and all will look great against a summer tan. Clearly merchants study trends, but it’s interesting that at the same time, several brands came out with nearly exact colors. I’ve listed near dupes beside each polish below for comparison.

Essie Navigate Her Spring 2012 Swatches Olé Caliente Bright Pink Creme Nail Polish

Olé Caliente is the color I used in my How To Paint Your Nails Perfectly tutorial video. It’s a bright pink coral red creme nail polish, similar to OPI’s Red Lights Ahead… Where? from their Holland collection and China Glaze’s Make Some Noise from their Electropop Brights collection.

Essie Navigate Her Spring 2012 Swatches A Crewed Interest Pink Peach Creme Nail Polish

A Crewed Interest is a light pink peach nude creme nail polish, similar to Nicole by OPI’s Kardashian Kolor Paparazzi Don’t Preach.

Essie Navigate Her Spring 2012 Swatches Orange, It's Obvious Creme Nail Polish

Orange, It’s Obvious! is an orange creme nail polish, similar to OPI’s A Roll In the Hague from their Holland collection.

Essie Navigate Her Spring 2012 Swatches Tour De Finance Bright Pink Shimmer Nail Polish

Tour De Finance is a bright pink nail polish with a barely there purple blue shimmer. It’s similar in color {polish and shimmer color}, to Butter London’s Disco Biscuit, but not nearly as dazzly.

Essie Navigate Her Spring 2012 Swatches To Buy Or Not To Buy Light Purple Shimmer Nail Polish

To Buy Or Not To Buy is a light lilac purple creme nail polish with a barely there blue shimmer. In fact, the shimmer is so barely there, that you can’t even see it in the pic. It’s similar to China Glaze’s Sweet Hook from their Electropop Lights collection.

Essie Navigate Her Spring 2012 Swatches Light Green Creme Nail Polish

Navigate Her is a light green creme nail polish and is a darker version of Butter London’s Bossy Boots.

My Thoughts On Essie’s Navigate Her Collection

I LOVE every color in this collection and they are all perfect for spring. I do have to say though, all of the polishes were streaky. In fact, they were so streaky, that even after 3 coats each, you can still see some bald spots. I’m also so ready for Essie to get a bigger brush. It’s so thin, that when you have to put on that many coats, it’s difficult to get it streak free and takes a lot of strokes. At nearly $8 a bottle, I’m not sure that I would splurge on this combination of streaky formula and outdated thin brush.

So what do you all think of Essie’s Navigate Her collection. Do you own any of these colors or see any you’d like to pick up?

The products mentioned in this post were sent to me by the merchant or their PR company. All opinions are 100% my own. For more info, please view my full disclosure policy.

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Your Thoughts?

  • love the peach, lavender and green creme!

    • jennifer

      i LOVE that peachy pink. my other favs are the green and ole caliente, the color i used in my how to paint your nails video tutorial.

  • Alex

    Oh So Pretty!! Very feminine. The orange looks amazing. And I am with Megan, lavender and green are lovely!!

    • jennifer

      so happy you like them! thanks!

  • Erin D.

    LOL… I’ll be stopping by Target to get the Coral and Creme!!! Thank you Jennifer!!

    • jennifer

      hey erin, so good to hear from you and you’re so welcome. if you pick them up, i hope you’ll let me know what you think!

      • Erin D.

        Oh DEF will mama!!!!!! :)

  • I agree with the streakiness and lack of brush quality of Essie. It’s why I only own one bottle of that brand. :\ The colors are nice, but I wouldn’t purchase because like you said at $8 a bottle, the formula and brush leave much to be desired.

    • jennifer

      i hadn’t used essie in so long. i know i liked their polish back then because they had the best color selection, but since other brands have evolved {and surpassed essie} in terms of brushes and formula, color just isn’t enough for me anymore. i did however LOVE essie luxeeffects, but who needs a good brush for a sparkly top coat? lol

    • jennifer

      tart deco lol. isn’t it funny that i know exactly which one bottle of essie you own LOL.

      • You know me and my polish collection so well haha! Oh and I just remembered I actually have two, I have one of the Luxe Effects polishes because it came in my Birchbox, but like you said who needs a good brush on a sparkly top coat :)

  • Love the green (Navigate Her)! I agree with the brushes, it’s frustrating to spend $8 on a bottle of polish and have it go on streaky. The colors look great on you, and I love this collection!

    • jennifer

      thanks! yes, isn’t it interesting that essie was so ahead of other brands in terms of color selection and availability which was all that mattered just a short time ago, and now they seem a little dated due to their brushes and formula? they just seem to have been passed up by other brands. and sally hansen who was way off my radar for years in favor of essie, opi, and china glaze is HUGE now. they always have the biggest displays in every drugstore. i really think the press on nail polish turned things around for them.

  • Faz

    Just wanted to leave a note to say, your blog is awesome! loved the nail tutorial..the best pointer was to file the nails before removing the polish! Thanks!!

  • Wow
    this Olé Caliente is awesome
    i feel in love <3

  • Chelsea

    Wow such lovely colors! What a coincidence… I actually just bought Navigate Her around the time this post went up.
    I think I might have to pick up To Buy Or Not To Buy as well.

    This is an awesome blog. :)

  • My Essie nailpolishes have wide brushes! Thats why I really love them! But I have buyed some in America, and they have small brushes… Now I know what you mean…

  • In the most recent email I got *the one with the Essie Summer giveaway* the thumbnail for this says Essie Navigate Her but the pic shows Orange, It’s Obvious…I’m like hold the phone, Navigate Her is green, not orange LOL.

    • Fab Fatale

      oh hhaa. sorry for the confusion. navigate her was also the name of the collection, so the email was showing the post title, and then a random image from the post. i wish i could select which thumbnail it shows so i could have chosen the shot of the collection :)