My 30 Day Shred Challenge

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Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

I hate to even use the word challenge because it comes with expectations, and expectations come with pressure, and pressure makes me shut down before I even get started… just like a New Year’s resolution lol. Yes, I am that mental when it comes to working out!

I’m not promoting Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred DVD, since I’ve only tried it once; however, I am hoping that by putting my workout goal out there into the universe, I’ll be motivated enough to get off my a$$ and actually shred for the next 30 days.

Speaking of a$$es, have you ever seen your backside in a Target dressing room mirror. You know, that mirror designed for looking at your backside! Oh my! I saw mine the other day and I’ve got shadows forming in places shadows shouldn’t exist!

My friend Jonathan mentioned this DVD in a tweet one night and I thought, how bad could 20 minutes for 30 days be {and the DVD was only $6.64 + free shipping at lol}? Well, I tried the beginner level when I got home tonight and now I’m having trouble getting off the couch… ironic, dontcha think LOL? My husband walked in on me shredding, laughed at me, and then joined in. It was nice to have a workout bud to keep me goin.

I’m hoping this challenge goal lasts longer than a day because when I squeezed into put on my workout clothes, last worn 4 years ago, it was clear that this effort was long overdue.

Are you all ready for bikini season? If you’re working out, what do you do to get fit?

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