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Manicure Mondays – Butter London s/s 2012

Butter London Spring Summer 2012 Collection Swatches Review

Don’t ask me to pick a favorite color from the Butter London Spring/Summer 2012 collection because I can’t do it. After I swatch a collection, I usually know exactly which color I want to wear for the rest of the week, but I can’t decide. I may just have to close my eyes and pick one lol. These colors are so fun, unique, and gorgeous!

All of the swatches were topped with my favorite super shiny quick dry top coat and all pics were taken in direct sunlight.

Butter London Spring Swatches - Bossy Boots Light Green Creme Nail Polish

Bossy Boots is a beautiful light pistachio green creme nail polish. All of the cremes in this collection were a little streaky, but settled smooth after 3 coats.

Butter London Spring Swatches - Disco Biscuit Hot Pink Shimmer Nail Polish

Disco Biscuit is a hot pink sheer jelly with a purple-blue shimmer. This color came to life when I stepped outside. The sparkle was unreal. I used 3 coats in this swatch.

Butter London Spring Swatches - Knackered Gray Silver Metallic Shimmer DuoChrome Nail Polish

Knackered – is an oyster-silver metallic polish with a red, purple, green, and yellow shimmer. This duochrome shifts from purple to a greyish-green and dazzles when it hits the light. This color is a bit sheer in one coat, but I loved it at all levels between sheer and opaque. There were no visible nail lines after 3 coats.

Butter London Spring Swatches - Trout Pout Pink Salmon Creme Nail Polish

Trout Pout is a bright salmon pink creme nail polish with a hint of cantaloupe. I wore it on my tan toes in Destin and it was so fun and bright against the beach sand. This color was also streaky but evened out with 3 coats.

Butter London Spring 2012 Swatches - Slapper Teal Aqua Creme Nail Polish

Slapper is a gorgeous bright blue in direct sunlight, as you see in this pic; however, it is a bit more teal green blue indoors. This is one of those colors that is difficult to photograph, but this is how it looks in sunlight.

My Thoughts On Butter London’s S/S 2012 Collection

This was my first experience using Butter London. The pros, the gorgeous colors, far outweighed a couple of things I didn’t like about this collection. The cremes were a little streaky, but did go on smooth after a couple of coats and I didn’t care for the brushes. The brushes were thin, so it was hard to get a smooth line of polish above my cuticle. With that said, I have a good size collection of nail polish and I really think these 5 unique shades may be my top 5 favorite polishes right now. The cremes were beautiful and bright and the shimmers dazzled!

So what do you all think of Butter London’s Spring/Summer collection? See any colors you’d like to pick up? Have you ever tried this brand? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Your Thoughts?

  • Bossy Boots, Trout Pout and Slapper are amazing!!! Such fantastic colors. I’ve never used Butter London because of the price, but I might have to try one of these.

    • jennifer

      aren’t the colors so fun!?!? im not too familiar with ulta, but i think you can get free shipping with them for orders over $50 and earn reward points… i think! in addition to those savings, you can also get 4% cash back at ulta from ebates :) every little bit helps – obvi ive been known to scavenger the web for the best nail polish deals lol.

      • I agree! Every little bit helps! Thanks for the tips!

  • um, i LOVE ALL OF THEM!!! if only i could afford to buy all of them! =) the only real gripe i have is that i hate their removable lids! when i bought my first (and only) bottle, i almost broke it on the floor not knowing that the big lid (which is easier to hold IMO) was not the actual brush. oops! kinda sucks that you had to do 3 coats on each. i don’t remember mine needing that many (i have cheeky chops-yellow)? thanks for sharing! adding them to my wishlist for sure!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

    • jennifer

      i did the same exact thing!!! i thought it was just me LOL. there was a big ol sticker on one side of the top that said, “lift here” and i missed it. i was squeezing and turning it so hard that the brush under it twisted off too, but then the two pieces popped apart mid air and i got nail polish on my carpet! luckily it was only a small drop on the top of my carpet so i was able to cut it off and most of the polish landed on the bottle. i love the look of the bottle and the top popping off, instead of twisting off with the brush gives it a nice fit when closed (unlike chanel where the top comes off with the brush, sometimes it doesn’t always line up with the bottle when you’re closing it) but it is a hazard if you don’t know any better LOL.

  • Chelsea

    Aww man. I already bought Knackered (which I love! I’ve used it for my last 4 manicures. :o) and have been talking myself out of buying Bossy Boots because of the price. Now I see this swatches and want to buy them all.

    • jennifer

      i LOVE knackered and bossy boots is so fun! yes, they are pricey for sure! i let another commenter know that im not too familiar with ulta, but i think you can get free shipping with them for orders over $50 and earn ulta reward points (i think!). also, you can get 4% cash back at ulta from ebates. i hope this helps :)

      • Chelsea

        Haha thankss! If I decide to splurge, I’ll definitely keep this advice in mind. :)

  • Totally agree about your comments about the brush -and Jenn’s about the bottle. I was SO confused by it when I bought my first bottles. Ulta had them B1G1 in the winter and I bought two but honestly, I don’t reach for them as much as my drugstore Revlon. These swatches are beautiful though! The
    Trout Pout and Slapper are my fave!

    • jennifer

      i got mine at an ulta B1G1 sale too! i didn’t even know they were on sale when i was purchasing two. i found out at the cash register and then ran back to pick up the other 3 LOL.

  • I need them ALL! Gorgeous!!

    • jennifer

      yes, you do! ;)

  • good to know about the brushes. I can’t ever get a straight line as it is. LOL!

    I really wanna try that pink sparkly number. It’s gorgeous!

    • jennifer

      have you ever seen mac dazzle glass lipgloss transform when sunlight hits it? that’s exactly what this nail polish did when i stepped outside to take the pic. i literally wol {whoa’ed out loud} at the super sparkle lol.

  • Taylor

    My Butter polishes always want to chip off the next day, no matter what top coat I use. Its a shame considering the price…

    • jennifer

      aw dang. that is too bad. i haven’t worn mine long enough to know, but ill definitely update my post with that info as soon as i give it a good test drive. thanks for your thoughts.

  • They’re all so pretty but I really love Trout Pout!

  • Jenna

    I have to ask, how do you get your nails so perfectly polished every time?!? There’s never any polish out of place, no streaks, and it looks like you’re just swapping out fake nails for each picture haha I wish my nails looked so perfect!! I did recently buy a bunch of polishes and base/top coats based on your reviews and I must say I LOVE all of them! The Seche Vite topcoat is AMAZING! It takes away any imperfections so you can’t even see the air bubbles that I always seem to get! I also got Essie’s Sand Tropez and the Luxe Effects Pure Pearlfection, As Gold As It Gets, and Shine of the Times after I saw your review of those. I absolutely love all of them!! Keep it up, your blog is my favorite part of Mondays!!

    • jennifer

      one of the best compliments a blogger can get is that a reader values our opinion enough to try something out that we recommend, and better yet, likes it! i love that you’ve tried so many things that you’ve seen here and LOVE everything you’ve picked up so far. that’s awesome! i try to give honest reviews so that my readers can spend their money wisely… and besides the review itself, doesn’t it help so much to see swatches before you buy? i really appreciate your feedback so thank you SO much for taking the time to comment.

      i’ve had so many requests for a tutorial on painting nails perfectly that i hope to have a video next week or the following. thanks again for your comment! hope you have a great day!

  • I recently bought Knackered because I’ve heard such good things about this new collection! Glad to hear you liked it so well too :) It’s my first Butter London!!!

  • Marcie

    I have Slapper, and another pink from their new collection. To me, Slapper is more on the emerald green side. I know they are expensive, but when I use a base and top coat, they stay on for about a week with minimal chipping. I even went on vacation for a week and came back with only two chips. I won’t be buying every color from their collection, but I will be going back for more.

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  • I am confused about Slapper because the swatches I’ve seen are very different. Is your swatch true?

    • jennifer

      hey biberlee, i took my pics in direct sunlight to show true color. in indoor lighting, the shade is darker and a bit more teal (vs turquoise outdoors), so that’s probably the range you’ve seen in different swatches. i hope this helps :)

  • Ana

    My slapper looks TOTALLY different to your swatch :( it looks like a green teal :(

  • Col

    Your photos are very misleading. The color is way off on these. I am not a blogger, however I always try to capture true to color photo’s when I display them to the public. If they are off, I say they’re off. Slapper does NOT look anything like that in real life either in direct sunlight or shade, nor do these other colors. As one who knows a little something about photography, you should probably get a better camera that will capture these in true to color. Play with your settings more and you’ll get it. Good luck.

    • jennifer

      well, now im gonna have to try this color on again and look at it under direct sunlight lol. i take all of my nail polish pics in the same light so that the collections can be consistently compared to one another. i use a canon t3i manual settings. that is the color of my skin in direct sunlight, so i cant be TOO far off with the color of slapper in direct sunlight, but maybe. sometimes if i tilt my hand a little towards the sun, the color can look completely different than the pic before it. thanks for your input, but im not “trying” to mislead anyone as i don’t think it will sell more polish if the swatch looks more teal vs. turquoise lol.

    • Missy

      Yes, I bought a bottle of the Slapper based on that photo and it is NOTHING like the color in the photo at ALL! I mean, not even a little bit, so, bottom line… I think you owe me $14 bucks!!

      • jennifer

        this is just one of those colors that is difficult to photograph (other bloggers have mentioned this as well). if you take a look, slapper looks completely different in different light, but all pics taken in sunlight look like mine. there is nothing i can do about the color except disclose that it was taken in direct sunlight. i would apologize if the photos were altered (i have no reason to alter); however, they were not.

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  • inno4ka

    @forstyleandfashion of Instagram took your fabulous pic, trimmed your name off and posted as their own. Beware of thieves!

    • jennifer

      thanks so much for letting me know. i just commented at my pic. dang thieves!!!

  • Kate

    I bought the Butter London Slapper back in April and it turns out NOTHING like the color you have in the photo….it is not nearly that bright or blue (even outside.) I have been on the search for a color like the one in the photo for the past 2 years. I have come across some similar ones but nothing exactly like it or near enough to make me satisfied to stop the search. :/

    • Fab Fatale

      Hey Kate, I’m so sorry that you can’t find a color that looks like Butter London in the image. The fact that the color was so hard to capture in an image has been a source of frustration for my readers, and thus a frustration for me (and other bloggers, as noted in their reviews). So much so that I wrote another blog post about it lol http://www.fabfatale.com/2012/09/ohhh-the-controversy/ Complete with a link to a Google image search to show how different the color can look in different lighting. It’s weird because the other colors in from the collection in my review look spot on when taken consistently in the same lighting, same time of day, same camera settings as Slapper, it just so happens that this was a very difficult color to capture on camera.

      • Kate

        Yeah I don’t blame you, I do want to know how it showed up such a bright blue for you in the photo because my photos always turn out dark green, I actually feel bad for you after reading all of the comments with how nasty some people can be. However if you do happen to find a color exactly like what the photo looks like PLEASE let me know :)

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