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Manicure Mondays – Lemon Lime Caviar

Caviar Nails Manicure Tutorial DIY - Lemon Lime Manicure Mondays

Caviar Nails Manicure Tutorial DIY - Lemon Lime Manicure Mondays Revlon Electric Yellow Shimmer Creme Nail Polish

Caviar Nails Manicure Tutorial DIY - Lemon Lime Manicure Mondays Julep Leah Green Creme Nail Polish

Caviar Nails Manicure Tutorial DIY - Lemon Lime Manicure Mondays

photo credit – my man, bright and early this morning. thanks honey!

Happy Manicure Mondays! I hope you all had a great weekend! I’m so excited to share a fun springtime mani with you all. My friend Trina and I swap mani/beauty/diy ideas {and everything else that interests us} all the time. This week, she wanted to do a caviar manicure {the microbead manicure kit made popular by Ciate that sells for £18.00), and I wanted to do a juicy fruity manicure for spring, so we combined the two ideas in a link up. The black caviar manicure by Ciate was great for fall, but Trina’s raspberry/orange and my lemon/lime manicures are perfect for the beautiful warm weather we’ve been having lately.

I was beyond excited to do a lemon/lime caviar manicure, but after an exhaustive search around town, I could not find yellow microbeads anywhere! Trina and I both picked up the Martha Stewart glass microbead set and Trina’s husband had the bright idea of using the clear microbeads over the yellow nail polish which worked out perfectly. Our husbands come in so hand sometimes! Although the pack had green microbeads, to keep the look consistent, I used clear for the green accent nail as well. I thought it turned out great, so if you’d rather save your money, just invest in clear microbeads, since they take on the nail polish color under them quite nicely.

To get the look, I used shimmer creme nail polishes for the yellow and green to go along with my juicy fruity theme. For the yellow, I used Revlon Electric {last seen here in my Chanel Mimosa dupe comparison} and for the green, I used Julep Leah {check out my Julep Maven review}, a really pretty grassy green. I painted all of my nails, except for my accent nail, and sealed with Seche Vite’s Dry Fast Top Coat. Next, I applied a really thick layer of polish to my accent nail, and before it had a chance to dry, I quickly sprinkled my microbeads all over the nail with a bowl under my hand to catch the fall out. Press the beads into your nail very lightly. You want them to adhere well, but you don’t want to goop up your polish. I didn’t apply a top coat to my beads because I didn’t want to kill the sparkle, however, if you want this mani to last longer than a day or two, I would suggest sealing it with a topcoat.

So what do you think of my lemon/lime caviar nails? Is this a manicure you would try?

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