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Destin Florida Condo Instagram Weekend Snapshots

I haven’t done a Weekend Snapshots in so long, but I couldn’t pass it up after the amazing pics I got in Destin, Florida this weekend! My husband took me on a trip for a much needed vacation and I feel brand new again. Of course, most of the pics are of the water, but can you blame me?!?!

  • Crossing the bridge into Destin after a stormy 2 hour drive, just before sunset.
  • Got dressed at the condo just in time to make our 7:30 reservation at PF Changs. I love these chocolate mousse and cake shot desserts!
  • The view of the pool at night from our condo balcony.
  • My fuzzy mutt taking in the view. She loved it!
  • I had the balcony all to myself for my honeycomb breakfast as my husband was out for a run.
  • Jumping waves in the freezing March gulf. It was fun to watch people stick their toe in the water and then jump back, but I was determined.
  • The end of an amazing weekend! I had so much fun in the sun {with plenty of sunscreen, of course}!

Also, I think this is the first time in 3 years that I haven’t had a Manicure Mondays for you all on a Monday, but that was the least of my cares yesterday as I was soaking up the rays. I’m shocked I was able to put my OCD aside and relax lol. I hope to have a Manicure Tuesday or Wednesday for you soon ;)

Special thanks to our good friends for letting us stay in the condo for the weekend! You know who you are and I love ya lots!

What did you all do this weekend? I hope you had a great one!

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Your Thoughts?

  • Oh how I love Destin! And we haven’t been in almost 2 years :*( Was hoping to go back this year but don’t think we’ll make it.

    Is that you in the ocean? Your hair looks light!

    • jennifer

      hey trina, yep that’s me. i had to do a far away shot and covered by a wave since i was in a bikini lol. im not that brave to blog a bikini pic lol. my hair is really light, but i haven’t lightened it since i went blond that one time. the only pic i shared with i got highlights was an instagram pic, and it actually looked light brown in the instagram pic. i guess cuz of the filter.

      love me some destin and i hope to go back soon.

  • Debbi

    Bob and Whitney were at the beach as well this weekend! They were in Ocean City for a youth conference but Whitney did get in the water up to her knees (crazy girl!!). Sarah went to the White House with her GS troop and I just hung out a home. Looks like you had a great time!

    • jennifer

      sounds like a busy and fun weekend for the girls. hope you enjoyed having the house to yourself for a couple of days. yes, we had an amazing time. im ready to go back lol.

  • Melissa H from Florida

    Love love love your blog! Keep up the great work :)
    Have a great time in Destin it’s absolute heaven there. I lived a few years in Pensacola which is not too far to the west of you.


    • jennifer

      im so happy you love my blog. thank u so much! i love love love your comment ;)

      destin is actually the halfway point between me and my friend that lives in pensacola lol. i had hoped to meet up with her, but i wasnt there long enough. luckily im not far and hope to go back again soon. destin is one of my fav spots to hit if i am able to get out of town for a day or two. thanks again for your comment!

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