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Manicure Mondays – My Favorite Nail Art From TLFL

I started Manicure Mondays at my other blog, TheLooksForLess.com, but I’d like for that blog to be all things budget + fashion only, and for FabFatale.com to showcase all of my other loves including beauty {manicures}, diy projects, home decor, and recipes.

Before I completely remove Manicure Mondays from TLFL, I thought I’d save my favorite manicures by moving them to this blog. If you are new to me here at Fab Fatale, then a lot of these manis may be new to you, so I thought I’d showcase my favs in a gallery with links to each for detail pics and how-to info. I love how you can tell which season it is with each mani! Most are nail art, but some are just my favorite colors. Enjoy!

Are any of these manis new to you? Which manicures are your favs?

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Your Thoughts?

  • lalamusiclove

    I love the feathers and the matte with shiny tips.

    • jennifer

      the feathers is by far my all time fav and the matte with shiny tips is so fun for a night out! so happy you love them, thanks!

  • Gorgeous!! Love them all!

    • jennifer

      thank you!!! i do too ;)

  • Those are all incredibly gorgeous! Can you come over and do my nails, please? I’ll take a tropical leopard ;)

    • jennifer

      yes! i would love to! im so happy you like the tropical leopard. it puts me in the mood for summer and it isn’t even spring yet lol :)

  • Shaili

    My all time favorite from TLFL was the new years eve one with the bling on the nail..gorgeous!

  • All of them are absolutely gorgeous! Wish I could be this talented with my manicure.