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Little Black Bag Review - Orange Matt and Nat Wallet, Brown Linea Pelle Studded Wrap Bracelet, Turquoise Necklace

Little Black Bag Review - Orange Matt and Nat Wallet, Brown Linea Pelle Studded Wrap Bracelet, Turquoise Necklace

Little Black Bag Review - Orange Matt and Nat Wallet, Brown Linea Pelle Studded Wrap Bracelet, Turquoise Necklace

Have any of you ever heard of Little Black Bag? I was brand new to LBB until they contacted me with a promo code two weeks ago to give their site a spin. I am in LOVE with the concept. At first I thought it was a sample sale site or an accessories of the month club, and while it shares some of the same features, it’s actually quite different!

Little Black Bag is based on the “Lucky Bag” sales event from Japan where shoppers purchase a bag full of fashion & beauty products and trade the items among friends – it’s a thrilling way for shoppers to get products they love and discover new ones. The way Little Black Bag works specifically is you find an item in their gallery that you LOVE and then checkout choosing either their one time fee of $59.95 or a monthly membership fee (cancel anytime and skip any month) of $49.95. I wanted to make that step clear because some of my Twitter buds thought the entire process was sight unseen – you do get to choose your first product before going forward, which made the process totally worth it for me with a Matt and Nat wallet that retails for $65, and yet I still had 2 surprise items on the way!

Let the trading begin!!! Now that you have selected your first item and checked out, you will then find 2 surprise items in your online bag. At this point, you have 7 days to trade any of your 3 items. You will send offers and receive offers, accept and reject until you are happy with your bag. You can ship it at any time, or keep trading until your event ends in the 7 day trading period.

This entire process would have been a bargain if I had only landed the Matt and Nat wallet, which retails for $65, but then I also scored a Linea Pelle (another one of my favorite brands) leather and studded wrap bracelet, and a turquoise necklace. I don’t really care for the necklace, but that was totally my b. I actually requested it in a trade and didn’t realize how big that was. So I was able to score something I wanted, but I should have read the dimensions first. The only other negative that I experienced, again my fault, was that I traded two items in a single trade offer thinking the other shopper would only be able to pick one of the two. Make sure you offer up each item separately. If you goof up like I did, you can always cancel your bag and start fresh with the click of a button from your account settings.

So what do you all think of Little Black Bag? Does this service seem like something you’d like to try?

The products mentioned in this post were sent to me by the merchant or their PR company. All opinions are 100% my own. For more info, please view my full disclosure policy.

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Your Thoughts?

  • Fun! I just signed up with your link, but am #415 on the waiting list. Love the concept!

    • jennifer

      hey heather, most people get a welcome invite the next day :) if you try it out, i hope you let me know what you think and what you pick up. isn’t the idea so fun?!?!

  • Michelle Kenneth

    I’m going to give this one a whirl. I LOVE purses, so this may actually become my next new monthly addiction. This (ironically) would actually save me some money.

    • jennifer

      yes, this would be perfect for you. you should def give it a try. you get to check out your first item, which is usually worth the cost of a month, then the rest is just fun and play :)

  • Erin D.

    Just now discovering it!!!

    • jennifer

      ohhhhh cool. happy i could give you an intro :)

  • Sounds like fun to me!!! Would love to try it! I wish they had something like that in Brazil!

    xoxo from Brazil,
    Gabi Barbará

    • jennifer

      awww, dang! that is too bad. i’m sure they will someday, hopefully sooner than later :)

  • Little Black Bag is my new obsession. I just got my second one, after getting in on the ground floor last month. They have a great selection of accessories, so I managed to stock my bag both times with something fantastic. I find myself going back to the site even when I don’t have a bag scheduled just to see what’s new in anticipation of next month.

    • jennifer

      second bag? that’s awesome! means the first was good enough to give it another go! yes, they have an amazing selection and their always adding new items to their gallery. i love getting their “what’s new” emails. such fun accessories!

  • Evelina

    Wow – this sounds like so much fun! Sadly, I’m a bit over my monthly shopping budget, but is this a monthly thing – like Birchbox? Or can I jump in and do this whenever? :o

  • Megan

    Gorgeous picks! and Really nice photography too.

    • jennifer

      thank you so much! so nice of you to say! thanks for the comment!

    • jennifer

      thank you so much! so happy you like my picks and pics ;)