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Manicure Mondays – Zoya Indigo

Zoya Indigo Dark Blue Metallic Shimmer Nail Polish Manicure

Happy Monday everyone, if there is such a thing! I hope you all had a great weekend. It was so rainy here in Florida, so I didn’t do much but relax and catch up on my reality TV ;).

If you’ve followed my Manicure Mondays for a while now, then you probably already know that I am ADDICTED to blue nail polish. I don’t think I’ve ever passed a blue polish at ULTA that I didn’t toss in my cart.

Indigo by Zoya is one of my favorites right now because it’s so different. This dark blue metallic nail polish looks like a 1980’s car paint job with it’s flecks of silver, yellow, green, red, and purple that shimmer as the light hits it in different spots. I get the ice cream paint job song stuck in my head when I wear it lol. “rolling like a big shot, Chevy tuned up like a NASCAR pit stop”. I LOVE it!

So what do you all think about Zoya Indigo? Is this a nail polish you would try?

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Your Thoughts?

  • Oooh I love this one, Jen! I have Zoya’s Charla and absolutely LOVE it… but it looks like I may need to add Indigo to my collection now too!

    • jennifer

      ohhhh charla, i’ve never heard of it. i’m off to check that one out. thanks for the tip!

  • LOVE this one!! Such a pretty hue.

    • jennifer

      thanks, so happy you love it!

  • Gorgeous! And yes it does remind me of an 80’s sports car paint job :)

    • jennifer

      yes, it definitely looks like a car paint job, even more so in person lol. i love it!

  • *giggles* at the ice cream paint job song. #love

    I think I may have receive this color in one of my birch boxes? hmmmm. I’ll have to check. I also LOVE blue nail polish. I am currently on the hunt for OPI Siberian Night. I love it!

    • jennifer

      ohhh i finally got off that birchbox waitlist, so i should get my first one in march. i can’t wait! i love that they ship out zoya polishes in a lot of their boxes. too fun!

  • Oh My Gosh. I can picture you actually rapping that line. That is so hilarious because you’re right about the color. LOL

    • jennifer

      i do know every word and have been known to rap it in a club once upon a time ;) lol

  • Jessica

    Have you seen the new OPI collection? I am currently wearing “I Have a Herring Problem” and it is this awesome grey-ish blue with silver flecks. I love it!!

    • jennifer

      yes! i have that collection and i cant wait to swatch it for my blog. i have a herring problem is by far my fav! i love it! you know im hooked on blues, especially those pretty gray blues! love!

      • Jessica

        I really want the green, “Thanks a Windmillion” I believe? It looks so pretty. I bought the little sample collection at Ulta thinking I was getting mini’s of all the colors but I only got 4 so now I’m resisting the urge to go get it because I always spend way too much time and money in there :)

  • loving this color, i’d so wear it.

    • jennifer

      so happy you love! it is such a fun color!

  • Debbi

    Apparently I’ve got to buy 2 bottles of the Indigo, Whitney wants her own! As much nail polish as we gomthrough, Immigt as well so there’s some left for me.

  • I love this color. I have OPI Ink and it is my favorite dark dark blue – very similar to this one you posted, except yours has more sparkle to it!

    so when will you fill us in on how you keep your cuticles so perfect? Mine are terrible! I’ve started putting on cuticle oil at least twice a day but it’s still not working. I’m so envious!

  • elizabeth

    recent follower and would like to say that i love your blog! and your recipes look yummy :) btw indigo is amazing <3

  • Natalie

    That is a niiiiiice colour! I’ll definitely be on the lookout to buy it!

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  • How many nail polishes do you have now own?

    • jennifer

      i have 6 drawers full lol. they are large acrylic shoebox drawers…. so several bottles hahahh :)

  • Do you have a Youtube tutorial with the feather manicures?

    • jennifer

      i don’t, but i see other youtubers have done tutorials based on my content as though it were their idea lol. maybe i should do one someday too :)

  • If you love blue you will have to try Deborah Lippmann Just dance nail color…its to die for!!! I have a pic if you want to see it..let me know…its awesome!