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My One and Only Resolution

Color Fashion Leopard Scarf Chambray Top

My one and only {fashion} resolution is to wear more color! Now that I’ve put it in writing, I have to go through with it… right???

All this color puts me in the mood for Spring/Summer! Do you have any fashion related resolutions this year? I’d love to hear all about it.

images via: 1. vanessa jackman 2. pinterest 3. tumblr 4. atlantic-pacific

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Your Thoughts?

  • I have the same resolution! I tend to gravitate towards black and white, so I’m gonna infuse pops of color to make it easy on myself :)

    • jennifer

      when i packed for my virgina trip, i looked in my suitcase and EVERYTHING was tan, black, and gray lol. i knew i had a problem, but that was a moment that really brought my neutral habit to my attention lol. i like edgy looks, which usually don’t involve too much color, but im hoping i can stay true to my style and still work in a little color {i hope lol}. we shall see :)

  • Ally

    This needs to be my resolution too!! It seems I only wear white black and grey

    • jennifer

      maybe we should all go out and get something bright before the month is over. a bright scarf or top? then we could compare notes and see if it hurt (like those resolution sit-ups i should be doing) or if we liked it lol.

  • My New Years resolution is the same! To wear more color! I just was talking to my coworker about it this morning and we are both trying to break out of our normal black wardrobe and mix it up a bit with some splashes of color. I’m always drawn to neutrals so this will be a little tough for me, but I definitely need to get out of my comfort zone and wear some yellow and pinks and blues!

    • jennifer

      im wearing a bright mustard scarf today and i refuse to take it off so that i will get over my color fear lol. i guess im doing shock therapy, even though i paired it with jeans and a black top lol. let me know how your resolution goes. if you get any color, i’d love to hear about it :)

      • I got this adorable scarf for Christmas that is like 5 different colors. I wore it yesterday with a simple dark blue dress and a purple/blue cardigan and it definitely was a step in the right direction for my resolution! I think scarves are a good start cause you don’t feel like you’re going too far. See here http://distilleryimage0.instagram.com/afc6e15e364411e180c9123138016265_7.jpg

        • jennifer

          there is no way that you are afraid of color!!! you’ve got amazing style and you wear color so well!!! you’re pic is so fun. thank you so much for sharing! yay for us for taking steps towards our resolution!

  • Love this! And as silly as it sounds, one of my resolutions is to wear red lipstick! http://leilasmom.blogspot.com/2012/01/resolutions.html

    • Jessica

      I LOVE your resolution!! I might add that to my list atleast once a week just to break it in

    • jennifer

      ohhhh love that! that’s not silly at all. everytime i try to wear gloss or lipstick that is red, i take it off before i leave the house because i get so nervous about it lol. i did discover last year, while trying out yellow nail polish, that if you try something for a full day, then you may just love it. maybe i should try red lipstick for one full day :)

  • Jessica

    I have the same resolution. I’m trying to sport more jewel tones for the winter months so I don’t look like I’m trying to rush spring/summer here in Michigan. New Years day I went to Target and bought a bright teal skirt for this summer and I honestly can’t wait to wear it. My realization came when I was sorting laundry and couldn’t find ANYTHING to wash with my bright pink towels or bleach with all of my fiance’s white socks.

    • jennifer

      jewel tones are definitely the way to go if you want to “ease” into color. the deep shades are so beautiful and don’t scream color. if i own any color at all, it’s jewel tones lol. express usually has great satin finish tanks and tops in jeweltones for buy one get one half off. ps – i LOVE teal. it’s my color of choice. pss- im also SO ready for spring lol.

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