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Manicure Mondays – Bold Greige

Zoya Bold Greige Purple Gray Shimmer Creme Nail Polish

Update: Guess what! I just found out that I won the Glamour Magazine and Zoya #wkndmani contest for my New Year’s Eve manicure. I’m so excited. I’m not exactly sure what I won just yet lol {I think the Zoya Gems and Jewels collection}, but I’ll let you know as soon as I find out!

Previous Post: A few weeks ago, Zoya started tweeting AMAZING promo codes almost every hour for two days straight. If you follow me on Twitter, then you probably remember me and my Twitter buds swapping notes about the colors we’d picked up at these flash sales. Each promo was offered to the first 500 to 1,000 people, so when a tweet would come through, we’d totally spaz out and add polish to our carts as fast as possible lol. My collection of Zoya polish went from 0 to 16 bottles overnight! The promo I shopped most {I shopped a few promos lol} was their “buy 1 get 1 free, plus free shipping” color box sale. Each beautiful magnetic closure felt box contains 3 polishes and I picked up 4 boxes total!

Zoya polish runs $8 per bottle, and the color box {without the promo} is $24, so you get the beautiful box for free. They have another promo going on right now that expires today {1/9 11:59 PM ET} – get any two polishes for free, you only pay shipping, using promo code ZOYA2012. This promo excludes their new True & Fleck Effect Collection Colors.

The first color box I picked was Bold Greige and it includes 3 BEAUTIFUL purple polishes. I’m not sure why this color box is called Bold Griege… doesn’t greige = gray + beige, yet all of the colors in this box are purple + gray. Loves it anyway, obvi! The application for each polish was perfect and all were fully opaque with two coats.

Zoya Caitlin Light Purple Creme Nail Polish

Zoya Caitlin is a beautiful light purple creme polish.

Zoya Kelly Dark Purple Gray Creme Nail Polish

Most dark purples look almost black, but Zoya Kelly is clearly a dark purple creme with a hint of gray.

Zoya Freja Light Purple Shimmer Nail Polish

Zoya Freja is a gorgeous dusty gray purple metallic polish with a silver shimmer and a barely there hint of teal blue sparkle.

Can you tell a difference in my mani pics? I hope so! I picked up a new 50mm close-up lens just so I could give you all prettier pics for Manicure Mondays. Thanks so much to Trina for the tip on which lens I should pick up!

See any colors you’d like to add your nail polish collection? I have 3 more color boxes, so keep checking back for more Zoya love soon.

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