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Glamour Magazine + Zoya #wkndmani Contest Winner

Zoya Gems And Jewels Collection

I’m so excited that I won the Glamour Magazine + Zoya #wkndmani contest for my New Year’s Eve manicure featuring Zoya Jules. I wasn’t exactly sure what I won until my prize came in the mail yesterday – Zoya sent me the entire Gems and Jewels collection in addition to a big ‘ol bottle of Remove + nail polish remover.

As you probably already know, I’m ADDICTED to blue nail polish so I can’t wait to swatch the beautiful blues this weekend. I’m also excited about breaking in the reds for Valentine’s Day and the greens for St. Patrick’s Day. This is such a festive and beautiful collection. I’ll have swatches for you coming soon, so I hope you’ll keep checking back.

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Your Thoughts?

  • PtiteMeve


    • jennifer

      thank you so much! im so excited! such beautiful colors in this collection :)

  • Yay! You got your prize. I got mine on Wed.. I’m OBSESSED with Holly & Izzy. They are one-coaters, which is always good. Plus Rina is going to be great around St. Patrick’s Day ;)

    • jennifer

      congrats to both of us! ;) im so excited! will you be swatching these for your blog, or saving them for the upcoming holidays? ps – i LOVE your blog :) thanks for the comment and hope you’ll keep in touch :)

      • Oh ya.. I’m swatching them asap! They are too good to save for next year. And thanks for the blog love ♥

        • jennifer

          do u use a lightbox for some of your pics? i just got one for my birthday and can’t wait to break it in :)

          • No, I just go outside and use sunlight. Happy Birthday by the way ;)

  • Cynthia

    That’s wonderful! Congrats. I love me some blue nails too :)

    • jennifer

      thank you so much cynthia! i appreciate the congrats :)

  • Nice!! I never win anything, but am only slightly jealous ;)

    • jennifer

      i never win either lol. well, i never win anything by chance (winner selected at random), but if it’s a contest where you have to do something to win, im super competitive lol. im so happy they liked my mani cuz im loving this collection :)

  • Congrats! I won this as well. I’m so excited to try them! They are gorgeous :)

  • Congrats! this is a great prize!

  • Kelly

    So lucky! I’m addicted to blues too. I feel like we’d be best friends IRL