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DIY – Scarf Hanger Organizer

I’m knocking out another Friday’s Fab Five y’all. I started the Fab Five as a source of weekly inspiration for things I’d like to buy, try or DIY, and each week I try to accomplish at least one of my five.

A couple of Fridays ago, I wrote about my need to organize my scarves and I finally found a solution! This scarf hanger organizer was so easy to make, doesn’t take up much room at all in my closet, and now it’s so easy to find my scarves. Before, all of my scarves were hanging off of purses on the back of my closet door.

Scarf Hanger Organizer DIY Tutorial Shower Rings

All you need is a hanger and some shower curtain rings. I went for a multi-row hanger to get as many scarves as possible into one hanger space, and some beautiful vintage-inspired sparkly shower curtain rings, both from Target. A single bar hanger and some inexpensive rings would also work well.

Scarf Hanger Organizer DIY Tutorial Shower Rings

I used about 5 rings per hanger row to prevent crowding. I could just throw my scarves over the rows without rings, but that ends up a little sloppy and I really like the look of the entire scarf hanging in front of the hanger. This allows me to hang a scarf on the back side of each ring as well for double the capacity.

Because my scarf hanger is on the bottom bar in my closet, I fold my scarves in half and then thread them through the ring halfway through the folded scarf so that they do not hang too low. If the scarf is thick, unhook the ring rather than threading the scarf through so that you do not snag the material.

I’m going to use this same solution for my belts as well. Now I just need some sort of hanging solution for my purses. Any suggestions?

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Your Thoughts?

  • Love it!

    • jennifer

      thanks jess!

  • Great job, Jen! This is such a great idea to use the multi-tiered hanger!

    • jennifer

      thanks so much for the inspiration lia. i still think it’s so funny that i saw Ying tweet about your scarf organizer just as i got on the computer to look up scarf organizers. it was crazy timing.

  • So great… love this idea! Definitely need to organize my belts better (they’re just thrown over hangers in a crazy way) so loving this.

    • jennifer

      i haven’t tried this yet for my belts, but i hope to soon. maybe ill be more inclined to buy belts and scarves more often now that i have more space for them. im hoping i will wear them more often now that i can find them too lol.

  • Amanda

    I’m always a big fan of organization tips! I actually use a belt hanger for my scarves, but if they’re bulky they don’t fit as well. This could do the trick!

    You mentioned about wanting a storage solution for your purses, and what do you know? I read your tweet/blog post this morning, and then saw a tweet about THIS blog post > http://lifehacker.com/5879113/use-shower-curtain-hooks-in-the-closet-as-bag-and-tie-hangers


    • jennifer

      well, i think we just helped each other out! thanks so much for that link. i felt like i was pretty close to a solution, but wasn’t sure about hanging purses from a hanger. just hang the curtain rings directly on my closet bar. brilliant!!!! now i can’t get home fast enough to try this out lol. thanks so much for the tip!

      • Amanda

        No problem! This is why I love Twitter and blogs! I love learning tips from everyone else and helping share ideas with them in return. :o)

        • i organized my purses when i got home last night and LOVE! now i can see what ive got and have room for more lol. thanks again for the tip!!!

          • Amanda

            That’s fantastic! So glad to hear it worked! :o)

    • Genius!

  • Ale

    You are rockin it!! loved it! Now, I was organizing my new home office/reading/extra clothing and shoes storage room and I also need some DIY solution for my handbags!! Any help will be much appreciated girl. BTW, the scarf organizer is a must for me! Keep me posted if you find anything cute and functional. Please!!! XOXO <3

    • heeeey ale, how are you? check out the comments to the post for some purse organization tips. amanda left a link to an article on a similar organization idea for purses. just take the shower curtain rings, wrap around a purse handle, and then attach to the bar in your closet. it takes up a little space in your closet on the bar, but if you have room for it, it’s much better than purses all over the floor like i had lol. i organized mine when i got home last night. i wasnt wearing many of my purses and scarves because i couldnt remember what i had buried at the bottom of the piles. now, not only can i see what i’ve got and wear them more often, i have room for more lol.

  • this is so amazing, when you figure out how to organize purses let me know…I need some help.

    • jennifer

      hey megan, yes! we did come up with a solution for purses. check out the comments. amanda had a great idea – i was so close :)

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