two over zero deal at bellechic

There are SO many deal websites out there these days that it can get a little overwhelming. I usually sign up for their newsletters to check out their deals for a bit and either unsubscribe after a few days, or share the sites I love! My latest find is BelleChic and their offers are very...
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manicure mondays – snakeskin manicure

I designed a real snakeskin manicure (made from natural snake sluff) a few months ago, and while it makes a statement, it wasn’t very wearable. It’s perfect for one night out, but it wears off too quickly because of the texture and I’ve been promising y’all a faux snakeskin manicure ever since. I was flipping...
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on the fringe

I had a few ideeli credits to cash in so I picked up this Olivaceous fringe sweater top. I always like to feel good about myself when I leave the house for the day, but there is something about this top that makes me feel so sassy. It’s become my go-to top when I get...
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Manicure Mondays – Blue Ombre Nails

I admit it, I’m addicted to blue nail polish lol. I remember the exact moment my obsession began. In 2010, I saw an ad for Chanel’s unreleased 2011 Cruise Collection that showcased a gorgeous powder blue nail polish and I thought it was the most beautiful color I’d ever seen. I immediately rushed out to...
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Pumpkin Spice White Hot Chocolate

We’re finally starting to have cool nights here in Florida, so this was a perfect after dinner dessert. It kinda reminds me of the yummy hot Chai Tea Lattes I get from Starbucks (fall in a cup), but a little sweeter. So good! Serves: 4-6 Ingredients: 4-5 cups whole milk 10 ounces white chocolate, chopped...
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White Out

white office – love, maegan I had just finished painting the last unvarnished room in my house when I saw Love, Maegan’s office remodel. I immediately wanted to strip the paint off my walls and get back to basic white. Ever since, it seems I can’t escape the trend from the offices of Who, What,...
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