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Christmas Tree Zoya Nail Polish Scarf Ornament Ice Cream Kit

Baby it’s cold outside! Finally! I’m still in Virgina for a few more days and I’m having a blast. I was hoping for a white Christmas again this year, but it’s been 70 degrees all week lol. I may as well have stayed in Florida for this hot and humid weather, but it’s finally getting a little frosty outside. I’m still hoping for a little snow and a chance to break out my scarves, even though the weather man is telling me there’s not a chance.

  • If you follow me on Twitter, than you probably already know that I went a little nuts with the Zoya flash promos. I was so excited that my color boxes came in just in time for my vacation. You know I’ll be covering these in upcoming Manicure Mondays, so keep checking back.
  • I got an early Christmas present. Ahhhh, Apple TV. I’m in love. My husband and I have been on a movie renting kick lately, so this will make our habit that much easier.
  • Packing for my trip. No trip up north for Christmas would be complete without hoodies, scarves, and my favorite Christmas movie Elf.
  • South of the Border, between North and South Carolina, is our halfway point from Florida to Virginia.
  • I made homemade hot chocolate truffles for my in-laws and we broke into it my first night here. It’s the best cup of hot chocolate I’ve ever had. Check out my hot chocolate truffles recipe.
  • Merry Christmas Eve! The stocking were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nick, soon would be there.
  • Merry Christmas! My fuzzy mutt in front of the Christmas tree, right before the present opening chaos ensued.
  • I got my niece and nephew an ice cream kit for Christmas, a box full of toppers including mini chocolate chips, M&Ms, Reeces, caramel sauce, Magic Shell, crushed candy cane, ice cream cones, and whip cream. Riley had a little of all her toppers on her sundae, including half the bottle of sprinkles lol.
  • My baby girl loving her new tug of war rope toy.
  • I’m loving this 3rd grade pic of my hubby on his macaroni and cheese ornament. Is it galvanized? lol

I hope you all had an amazing holiday weekend! I’d love to hear all about it!

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