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How was your weekend? Mine flew by way too fast. This is my last weekend at home before I go to Virgina with my husband for the holidays and I cannot wait to get away for a couple of weeks. Last year in Virginia I had my first white Christmas and I’m hoping for another this year. Here are a few of my weekend snapshots:

  • I got this fun USB LED Christmas tree from my friend Kathy. It sits on top of my monitor and changes colors. It brings a little peace and joy to my desk.
  • I made one of my favorite recipes for my man Friday night, penne and Italian sausage with a vodka tomato cream sauce. We did “date night in” with dinner and a movie from a Blockbuster Express machine. We were halfway through The Fighter when the movie broke and luckily we were motivated enough to run back up to Publix 2 minutes before it closed to pick up another.
  • It was freezing in Florida this weekend. We had chicken soup and grilled cheese sandwiches to keep warm Saturday afternoon. Mmmmm comfort food!
  • I got my first four Zoya nail polishes this weekend and I’m in love. It’s the first of many for me since I hit up a few of their flash promos last week. I’m sure you’ll see a whole lotta Zoya in the weeks to come on Manicure Mondays.
  • Swatching white glitter and nail polishes for a winter themed Manicure Monday. I hope you’ll check back tomorrow to see what I came up with.
  • I finally got around to making those hot chocolate truffles I blogged about a couple of Fab Fridays ago. I’m enjoying a cup right now and it’s amazing. I’ll blog more about it later this week.

Did you do anything fun this weekend? What are your plans for the holidays? I’d love to hear all about it.

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