Manicure Mondays – New Year’s Eve Nails

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New Years Eve Crystal Embellished Manicure Nails

Happy Manicure Mondays everyone! I’m actually posting this on Sunday since I’ll be on the road all day tomorrow. My husband and I are going to Virgina from Florida for the holidays and I’m so excited about my “much needed” two week vacation! We went to Virgina last year and it snowed every day that I was there. I’m from Georgia and never experienced snow more than a few flurries here and there, so I’m really hoping for another white Christmas. I’d walk my dog at night and the woods on both sides of my in-laws house were lit up by the full moon reflecting on the white snow as far as you could see. It was so beautiful and peaceful.

I’ve got a New Year’s Eve manicure for you all today. I’ve been wanting to do a sparkly embellished manicure for so long now, and I just happen to pass these Kiss Nail Dress jeweled nail strips at Walgreens the other day. The press on nail strips (not real nail polish) were pretty easy to apply and they were way easier than placing all of these beveled jewels individually. Because it’s not real nail polish, the strips were a little stiff which worked and it didn’t – it helped support the weight of the crystals as I applied them whereas real nail polish strips are pretty floppy; however they weren’t as pliable as real nail polish strips, so I did experience some rippling.

My main concern about these strips was the staggered placement of the jewels. I thought that I’d end up with a jewel or two hanging off the end of my nail, but they were really easy to file through for a smooth nail tip. I filed in a downward direction, rather than side to side, to help seal the strip to my nail as I was smoothing the tips. The backing on the nail strips is a sheer silver, which was actually really pretty on natural nails; however, I didn’t want any visible nail lines, so I started with two coats of Zoya Jules, a beautiful shimmery gilver (goldish silver) nail polish, featured on its own below.

So what do you all think of my jeweled manicure? Is this something you would try? Do you all have your holiday manicures picked out already.

Zoya Jules Gilver Gold Silver Nail Polish Manicure

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31 Responses

  1. Andi Stern says:

    That is so cool! And yes, I would do that in a new york minute.

  2. love that color, though…but they’re fun for the holiday!

  3. Ana says:

    You always amaze me with your nail looks! I just tried out a gold polish with gold hex glitter on the tips and thought that was pretty fancy… until I saw this. haha :)

    • jennifer says:

      awww the gold with gold hex glitter tips! that is fancy! ive got all the polish for that and I’ve been wanting to try it. you’ll have to share a pic :)

  4. Jennifer, this is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love it! I need to do this! Gorgeous!

    • jennifer says:

      thank you so much! im so happy you like it :) do you have your holidays manis picked out yet? i posted these early, to give everyone else ideas, now i wanna come up with something new that my family hasn’t already seen here lol. decisions decisions :)

  5. Trina says:

    I ordered Jules last week so I should be getting mine soon! So exciting! I love these strips, I really thought you applied the rhinestones yourself. Amazing mani. Love this for New Years!

    Have an awesome trip!

    • jennifer says:

      thanks Trina. so happy u like it! I love tricking people with a mani that looks complicated (cuz im known for those too lol) just to realize it’s actually easy :). i previewed the candy cane mani on instagram the day before and they commented that they couldn’t wait for the tutorial. when they realized it was press on, they were releived that they could get the look w/o a lot of tape lol. road trippin now. we’re almost to savannah :)

  6. Kam says:

    I love this mani! It is so cute and it looks really complicated even though it sounds super easy! I can’t wait to try them sometime. They are perfect for a New Years Eve manicure :) I hope you have a great time in Virginia with your in-laws. I can’t wait to try this mani :)

    • jennifer says:

      im having such a great time already! slept in this morning and didnt do too much for the rest of the day lol. all i did was make homemade hot chocolate that i’ll be blogging about tomorrow :) hope you try this mani and comment back with a pic :)

      • Kam says:

        I can’t wait to see it! I love hot chocolate in the winter! I’m glad your having a great vacation and I hope you get to have a white Christmas. My Christmas is going to be rainy so I’ll be inside all day lol

  7. Kam says:

    Oops I think I might have sent that twice^ lol sorry!

  8. Heather G. says:

    Your manicure is gorgeous!! I’ll now be on the hunt for those nail jewels!

  9. Bri says:

    Love! May I just say that your manicures are simply awesome-tastic? I followed your Manicure Mondays on, and once I saw that there hadn’t been updates for a few weeks, I was getting worried! Worried no more, I am! I’m so glad I found your wonderful blog. I’ve started a ‘Polished” section on my blog that I hope to fill with some nail art! And, the inspiration for it from your creativity! I’ll be sure to give you credit!

    • jennifer says:

      hey bri! awesome-tastic! i love that! lol thank you so much! im so happy that you missed my manis at thelooksforless and went lookin for them ;) THAT’S awesome-tastic ;) i hope you’ll keep in touch at the new home of mani mondays. thanks again for your comment! i’m off to check out “polished” at your blog :)

  10. Ciana says:

    Those look amazing! I would love to hear how long the strips last before they start to come off.

    • jennifer says:

      hey ciana, they didn’t last very long since they are not real nail polish strips. they lasted about 3 days. they are worth the time and money for a one night out special occasion, but not so great for an everyday wearable manicure. hope this helps :)

  11. Def love the look. I really like the fact that you didn’t have to place the gems individually. If you’re wearing open toe shoes (I’m in Florida, still warm here) this would look great with both fingers & toes matching. Happy 2012!

    • jennifer says:

      isn’t that amazing that the jewels are already built onto the applique. this is exactly the jeweled mani that i’ve been wanting to do, but 1. i knew it would be time consuming, and 2. i thought the end result would be messy if i didn’t get it just right. these were perfect and so fun! so happy you like the mani and thanks so much for the comment.

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  13. Irina says:

    Wow, what a beautiful mani! You really have a talent here. :) Love both the nail polish and the idea of adding rhinestones to give it some oomph. Might have to try this as well.

    ~ Irina

    • jennifer says:

      hey irina, im so happy you like it. thanks so much. i was so excited when i randomly found these in the nail polish aisle. i knew right away that they’d make a perfect new year’s mani. if you try it, let me know what you think. thanks again!

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  15. Oooh, so pretty and very unusual.

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