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Manicure Mondays – Candy Cane Nails

Candy Cane Manicure Nails - Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I’ve been wanting to do a candy cane manicure for the past couple of years now. As you probably already know, I am a bit of a perfectionist with my manis and I couldn’t find an image plate that worked, as it would need different width stripes, and I wasn’t about to free hand this one lol.

Luckily, Sally Hansen came through for me and “nailed it” with their candy cane Peppermint Twist Salon Effects press on nail polish strips! Everything about this manicure screams candy cane – different width stripes, different color stripes (pink, red, and white), the speckled red and white looks like the porous surface of a candy cane, and the finish is a semi-gloss – not too shiny, not too matte – just like a candy cane.

What do you all think of this manicure? Is this something you would try?

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Your Thoughts?

  • Leigh

    OH, I LOVE IT! I saw that you posted this on Pinterest, and was wondering how you got it so darn perfect! Looks like I’m going on a mad search for the nail strips…..

    • jennifer

      im so happy you love it! i posted a sneak peek on instagram and everyone said they couldn’t wait to see the tutorial on how i got candy cane nails lol. little did they know how easy it was ;)

  • Debbi

    Cute! We may be on the hunt for these as well.

  • Kim Holt

    I LOVE this!!! I got the plaid ones for a holiday party, but I’m thinking about the sparkly ones for NYE. It’s way easier to remove that glitter nail polish is. Yay! Looks adorable!!

  • Jennifer

    I just stumbled on your blog last week. I love, love,love it . I have been thinking about starting one myself, but I thought I would have to narrow it down to one main topic. This is exactly what I would do if I was creative and savvy enough :) I have already told friends about it and look forward to the next post.- Your newest fan!

    • jennifer

      that is so dang nice of you to say! im so happy you love my blog. it’s actually something that i started last month and have been wanting to do for a while. it’s funny that you mention you thought a blog had to be on one topic, i actually run http://www.TheLooksForLess.com also, and as much as i love it, i had been wanting to start a blog about all of my passions for so long, which is exactly why i started http://www.fabfatale.com and i couldn’t be happier. now i have a blog about fashion+budget and a blog about everything else, cuz everyone know i have lots to say lol. i hope you’ll start a blog and if you do, please share the link :) also, thanks so much for sharing my blog with your friends!!! take care and keep in touch!

  • So cute! I saw this on Pinterest, and was thinking – dang how long did that take? But since they’re nail effect strips I just might do them too :)

  • These are so cool, I hope I can find them near me

  • melsy

    wow! i’m SUPER-impressed that this is a polish strip. i might actually try it. i’m just too cheap, if i didn’t know it would look this good.

    how does this wear?

    thx for sharing! =]

  • I did a candy cane mani a couple of days ago – but I used scotch tape to help with the stripes!! Any thoughts on this technique vs. nail strips??


  • Patti

    I love this! So Christmasy! Can you come to my house and make my nails pretty, too? Ha ha

    • jennifer

      yes, of course. girl’s night! ;)

  • I loooove it! At first I thought you had done it. And I thought wow I wish I was that talented. I have NO artistic ability. But, it’s fantastic that I can buy these. Now I gotta try to find them. Great blog btw.

    • jennifer

      you have to try these, and if you do, please share a pic :) im so happy you like my blog! thank you so much!

  • I’m so excited to see that these are nail strips!! Definitely going to give them a try!!

    P.S. Just discovered your blog, love it!!


    • jennifer

      im so happy you like my blog. thank you so much for that! yes, these nails strips are super easy. i do not have the patience to tape off that many stripes, and i wanted something that looked authentic, so these nails strips were perfect and last a long time! thanks so much for your comment!

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  • Karen

    When I went to get the last package of the candy cane nail strips I saw others that I might like to try soon…. just for the fun of it. The great thing about manicures is you can change your mind whenever you want and be as daring as you want. Oh – and the table scape you did looks great!!!

  • Linnea

    I love your blog! My question is– how did you get your nail strips to come out so perfectly? I tried this manicure tonight, and mine came out very lumpy bumpy. I’d love some tips!

    • jennifer

      i had a little trouble with rippling as well. i started by pressing the applique onto the base of my nail, smoothed it out towards the tip of my nail, and then cut the ends off with small scissors before trying to fold it over. it was much easier to fold over the edge with the bulk of the tip chopped off so that it did not ripple too badly. then i filed in a downward direction to help seal it to the tip of the nail which also trims off the access. i had a small bit of rippling on the edges that i smoothed out by pressing gently with the handle of my scissors. i hope this helps and please let me know if you have any more questions :)

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  • Kaitlyn

    Got them, love them! I love your blog!! So many good mani ideas.. I’m doing the newspaper mani after the holidays, can’t wait!

    • jennifer

      i love your comment! thank you so much! im so happy you love the candy cane nails strips and my blog! hope you love the newspaper mani just as much :)

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