Ganache “Hot Chocolate” Truffles

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Hot Chocolate Ganache Truffles Recipe

I’ve got more holiday goodies for you {see Peppermint Bark and Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti}! I found a hot chocolate truffles recipe at Mel’s Kitchen and couldn’t wait to have a hot chocolate party with my buds at work on my last day before vacation. Who knew that my sis had been making these for years, so she had some tips on altering the recipe just a bit.

This hot chocolate truffles recipe is so easy and so good that I’ll never make hot chocolate from a powder again. It’s literally 4 ingredients heated, stirred, balled up {optional for a gift} and then dunked in a mug of hot steaming milk.


2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 cup heavy cream
1 tablespoon sugar {optional}
1/8 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons cocoa powder and/or crushed candy cane


1. To prepare, pour chocolate chips, salt, and sugar {optional} in a medium glass bowl. If you prefer a darker/ more bitter chocolate flavor, then you can skip the sugar. Put the cocoa powder and/or crushed candy cane into a separate small bowl(s) and set aside. Optionally, pre-cut 10 small squares of cling wrap if you’d like to wrap your truffles individually for a gift.

2. Heat cream in a small saucepan over low heat until the cream is nearly bubbly, stirring constantly so it does not scorch. Once the cream is steaming hot, pour it over the chocolate chips in the glass bowl. Stir until the mixture is smooth and well blended, scraping the bottom and sides of the bowl so that it is mixed thoroughly.

3. Allow mixture to come to room temperature before cooling in the freezer for about 20 minutes. If you put chocolate in the fridge or freezer before it has come to room temperature, it may get a chalky consistency.

4. Once the chocolate mixture is cooled well, scoop out the chocolate in 1/4 cup heaps, form into balls, roll in the cocoa powder or candy cane, and optionally wrap individually in the pre-cut cling wrap. Forming the chocolate balls does tend to get a bit messy, so you may have to chill the mixture again halfway through this step if the chocolate becomes too mushy to shape.

5. Store the truffles in an airtight container in the freezer until ready to serve. Once you’re ready for a cup of hot chocolate, microwave a mug of milk on high for about 2 minutes, or until hot and steamy. Drop a hot chocolate truffle into the hot milk, stir, and heat for another 30 seconds. Top with whip cream or marshmallows.

These truffles make excellent gifts. Just fill an empty coffee mug with individually wrapped truffles and wrap the mug in cellophane tied with a bow, or skip the cellophane and wrap a bow around the mug.

Hot Chocolate Truffles Recipe

Source: Mel’s Kitchen

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10 Responses

  1. Kim Henrichs says:


    • jennifer says:

      thank you so much! im so happy i tried it. it uses ingredients i usually have at the house, so i can’t believe i’ve been making hot chocolate from a powder for all these years :)

  2. Melanie says:

    Oh, the ones rolled in candy canes are so festive and adorable! Glad you loved the recipe!

    • jennifer says:

      oh my goodness! hi melanie! i’ve been a huge fan of your blog for quite a while now, so im beyond excited to hear from you at my new blog :) thanks so much for the comment. im so happy you like the truffles rolled in candy cane. that was my sister’s idea :)

  3. Kam says:

    Yum! I just went to the store to get some of that glitter for the winter snow manicure but of course they we’re only out of the white glitter :(

    • jennifer says:

      oh no dangit! that’s too bad lol. there’s also a white glitter in the martha stewart 24-pack glitter set. it was 60% off the other day at michaels, which made it less expensive than the other generic 12-pack set.

      • Kam says:

        I am going to check and see if I can find the stick on nails at Walgreens instead and go back to Michaels sometime in January or something to get the glitter :)

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