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Friday’s Fab Five – Weekly Inspiration Board

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I’m so happy it’s Friday! What are you all up to this weekend? Any fun plans? Here are a few other things I’d like to buy, try, and can’t wait to DIY this week(end?):

  • I love this herb garden planter hung from the wall in mason jars. It would be fun to mix it up with some colorful plants to bring a little life to my windowless office; however, I’m not sure how long plants will survive in a windowless office lol.
  • I’ve already blogged a time or two about my love for s’mores and here I go again! I’m looking for a s’mores recipe, maybe a cookie or cake, that has the same taste of a s’more, but doesn’t involve a firepit when I have a craving lol. This s’mores cookie recipe may be exactly what I’m looking for, a quick to make and easy to eat s’more.
  • I’ve never known a pattern to become as popular as quickly as chevron is right now. Have any of you ever heard of block printing? This is completely new to me. I found this diy tutorial of chevron block printing on fabric and it looks so fun! I don’t fully understand the process just yet, but I definitely want to try it sometime!
  • The trend in cake decorating that has caught my eye lately is cakes with exposed sides. I love that there is no frosting on the sides of the cake, and that frosting is dripping from between the layers.
  • I love this snake on lace outfit pic. So simple, but makes a statement. I’m going to have to try a variation of this at some point!

What were your must haves this week? Cook, buy, or DIY anything you hadn’t tried before?

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