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Friday’s Fab Five – Weekly Inspiration Board

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Happy Friday! Do you have any big plans for the weekend? I’m finishing up a tablescape that I hope to share with you all next week, and coming up with something for Manicure Mondays. Here are a few other things I’d like to buy, try, and can’t wait to DIY this week:

  • I’d really like to master the art of layering! This outfit totally inspires me because it works in basic pieces that most of us have in our closet already and neutrals are always easy to mix and match.
  • I LOVE giving the gift of something homemade, especially something from my kitchen. Drop these truffle chocolate balls into hot milk for instant hot chocolate. Wrap them individually in plastic wrap and fill a coffee mug for a fun holiday gift.
  • I’m on a scarf kick lately and supposedly this frilly scarf from a t-shirt diy is easy. I’d love to try it in a merigold yellow, paired with a basic white tank and a camel jacket.
  • I’ve been searching hi-and-low for the perfect coffee table lately. I want something that is double decker so that I can use the lower level to display my photo albums and the top level as a workspace {manicure mondays anyone?}. I’m loving the idea of these pallete coffee tables. Now, if I could only find a few pallets.
  • When my sister comes to town, we love to hit Chez Pierre, a local French restaurant, for brunch. I had never even heard of croque monsieur until we got together for brunch last year. It is a two pieces of lightly toasted bread covered in a white sauce (similar to an alfredo) topped with Gruyere cheese and black forest ham. Top the entire sandwich with a runny egg and you have yourself a croque madame. Oh it is amazing! I can’t wait to try this recipe and hope it’s as good as the restaurant version.

What were your must haves this week? Cook or DIY anything you hadn’t tried before?

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