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the gift that made me cry

Map Hearts Stitched Country Framed

My mom and sister are here in Florida from Washington visiting me for the week of Thanksgiving! My sister visits this week every year and it’s something I look forward to so much! If we’re not spending Christmas together that year, then we exchange gifts while we’re together for the Thanksgiving holiday. We’re always so excited about our gifts to each other, that we exchange them immediately, if not sooner lol.

My mom and sister moved to Washington over 10 years ago, and as you can imagine, the distance has been so hard on all of us because we’re so close. My sister hands my mom and I what was clearly a gift wrapped frame and we both ripped them open at the same time. Inside was a framed embroidered map that had a heart over Washington and Florida with red stitching between our two cities. My eyes filled up with tears immediately!

I LOVE this gift so much! My sister picked it up at the FelixStreetStudio Etsy shop, who usually makes embroidered pillows out of these fun maps, but by Lauren’s request, created a beautiful wood framed map for her on heavy cotton duck. They also offer other color combinations and ask for your zip code to make sure the hearts are perfectly in place. This would be a great display at a wedding reception for a couple that found love from two distant cities, or for a college student so that they can remember that home is where the heart is.

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