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DIY – Airplane Ticket Invitations

DIY Airplane Ticket Invitations - Free Downloadable Printable Template

Welcome to my very first post at FabFatale.com! There are so many things that I’ve wanted to share over the years, mainly crafts and cooking, and now I’m so happy that I have a space to blog about anything and everything I love. Now that the possibilities are endless, of course I was stumped on what to blog about first, so I thought I’d start with my favorite craft project to date – my wedding invitations!

My airplane ticket invitations took a ton of planning, trial and error. I wanted the dimensions and the type of paper, a thin semi-gloss, to be as realistic as possible. I even perforated both ends, added a barcode, and seat assignment (my husband sat in seat 5B when he went to pick up my engagement ring and kept the ticket, awww), just like a real airplane ticket.

I’m happy to provide the templates I created for my invitations; however, you must have Adobe Photohshop to open and edit the files.

After I printed the invitations (you may print 3 per page to save paper), I used a Cutterpede Paper Trimmer for scoring and perforating the tickets. The Cutterpede comes with a scoring blade; however, the Cutterpede Perforating Blade is sold separate. I have included dots on all 4 corners of the invitations so that you may score straight lines easily. Of course I had to have rounded corners, so I punched them out using a Corner Rounding Punch tool.

I used blue paper for the envelopes, and printed on both sides – one side for the fold lines and the other side for the bride and groom’s name. The outer edges were cut with the Cutterpede and the slit for inserting the ticket was cut with a craft knife. After you have made all of your folds, apply a thin line of craft glue at the fold, top, and bottom of the envelope. The only unglued opening should be the slit for the ticket.

DIY Airplane Ticket Invitations - Free Downloadable Printable Template

Since my wedding was at the beach, I ran with the theme for EVERYTHING. There was only surf at my wedding, no turf :) I literally sent out 50 boxes full of invitation goodies that I had made including the airplane ticket invitations and envelopes, a “Greetings from Carillon” RSVP postcard with a hibiscus flower stamp I made at Zazzle.com, a passport with everything guests needed to know about the big weekend, and suntan lotion in our sunset wedding colors. I filled the boxes with Excelsior to keep things natural and beachy.

If you’d like me to do a post on any of the other invitation items you see in the pic, let me know. Thanks so much for stopping by my new blog and I hope you’ll keep in touch :)

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Your Thoughts?

  • These are fantastic! I can’t wait to see more from you. Great first post!

    • jennifer

      my first comment! thanks so much for stopping by trina. i appreciate the love :)

  • Charlie

    Wow, that is super genius. I love it and am totally going to steal it.

    • jennifer

      i hope you do steal it, and you’d better share a pic ;)

  • Brit

    Those are amazing! You rock! :)

    • jennifer

      thank you so much brit! thank you for the comment and i’m so happy you like the airline tickets :)

  • Sabrina

    Hi. What an original idea for a wedding invitation. In Europe it’s never that elaborate unfortunately. Did you really send a box to all your guests? Wasn’t that A LOT of work?

    • jennifer

      thanks. im so happy you like it and yes, i did really send a box to each guest! lol i have a pic of my entire bed covered in boxes lol. had to add things to them one at a time, like an assembly line lol. i was so happy when i finally got them all shipped out :)

  • Veneta

    WOW! Amazing!!!
    I love it. pls show more of this great invitations. I`m a travel agent and this post It`ll be very useful. I want to make some gift travel voucher :)))))

  • I am so happy you are blogging here now – I can’t wait to follow and keep up with your posts. I LOVE this blog you have here!

    • jennifer

      thank you so much leah! that is so nice to hear. im so happy you’ve joined me at this blog also and i hope you’ll keep in touch :)

  • Marisa

    This is EXACTLY what we were thinking for our La Jolla wedding and I LOVE that you shared! Hiow did you do the maps? Anything else for a beach/travle themed wedding that you thought was amazing??

    Thanks again!

  • Izzy

    Thank you so much for this! I could not do it myself on photoshop so this is heaven sent. And I have bumped into so many dead ends with this format because they always came with a fee. This is exactly what I had in mind. Thanks again.

    • jennifer

      you’re so welcome! are you using them for a wedding? i hope you’ll share a pic of the finished invitations :) i have a post on the passport i did next week, including another download :)

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  • Courtney

    Do you mind telling me how you created the map? I am actually having my wedding at Carillon Beach next April and want to include a smaller 1 page version in my welcome bags.

  • Sam

    What kind of paper did you use for the envelopes?

    • jennifer

      it was just a standard blue paper, not quite as thick as construction paper. i didn’t buy a pack – it was the loose paper that you can buy by the sheet at the printing counter at Office Depot.

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  • Fabio

    As you were trying to make it realistic…would you share what kind if paper did you use for the airline ticket? I’m trying to do the same here… :)

    • Fab Fatale

      Oh my gosh, I wish I could remember. I do remember testing it on a few papers and I went for something that was semi-thick and semi-glossy. I didn’t want matte, and I didn’t want super shiny, so it had just a little bit of a sheen to it. If you go to Office Depot, you can go to their print department and have them try it out on a few different papers before you purchase an entire pack of paper. I hope this helps :)

  • SJ

    Hi, these are fabulous!! What grade of paper did you end up going with?

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  • These are great! I’m a big fan of ticket invitations and these came out really pretty! Found you on the Sits Girls link party :)

  • Jalpa

    Hello! I was able to open the invitation in Photoshop but was unable to edit it. Do you how I can edit the file that you have created? Thanks,

  • Leah

    Hi!!! I am so excited for this template! Did you happen to make a passport template?? I am using these for our wedding! I would be happy to post pics for you of the finished product!

  • Jeanette

    I love this idea! How creative are you?! I am keeping this template for me for the future! I love it!

  • Dee

    Now, these are too cute and I know I will be using these in the future for my Wedding. I always wanted a Destination Wedding and these would make great invitations.

  • Robin Rue

    These are absolutely adorable. I would love to use these for my next big occasion! Love!

  • Jacqui Stewart

    How cool is this??? I would never have thought to do something like this as a wedding invitation. And the baskets to follow the theme? I LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing!

  • Pam W

    This is so cute! I love that you sent out the invitation goodie boxes, what a fun way to have your wedding stick out in people’s minds.

  • I would love if someone sent me airline tickets with the airline invitation. What a great way to make a fun invitation.

  • This is a cool idea and so creative! We have a party coming up that these would be perfect for!

  • This is such a really cute idea. I love the way they turned out. Very creative indeed.

  • Gwen Mulholland

    Those are really cute and make a really good keepsake. These are a great idea for when we renew our wedding vows.

  • What a really cute and creative idea! I wouldn’t have ever thought of this.

  • Rebecca Swenor

    These DIY airline ticket invitations are a great idea and very creative. It is so much more personable to create your own invites. Thanks for sharing this awesome unique invite idea.

  • Jeanine @ sixtimemommy.com

    This is so cute and so creative. I wouldn’t ever think to do something like this but love how out of the box it is, and I don’t see that often. So cute.

  • This is so cool! what a great, and personal idea for an invitation!

  • What a clever idea! This would be great for a destination wedding! Planning a wedding can be expensive. This is a great way to cut down on cost.

  • Dana Brillante-Peller

    Such a creative invite! So much care and thought was put into every piece of it!

  • These tickets are cute and creative!! Great job!!

  • This is such a cute and create idea. If I were a DIY’er I’d totally do something like this.

  • What a creative, cute, and brilliant invitation!! I love it.