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Manicure Mondays – I’ve Got The The Midas Touch

JewelMint Midas Ring Manicure Dotting Tool Nails

JewelMint Midas Ring Manicure Dotting Tool Nails

JewelMint Midas Ring Manicure Dotting Tool Nails

This is one of those manicures that I wish I’d thought of myself. You know I love to combine my two addictions – manicures and JewelMint, so why not go for a JewelMint inspired manicure? Thanks so much to Ale for the fun idea to design a manicure based on JewelMint’s 70’s glam Midas ring! It was perfect timing because I had already purchased the Midas and it came in the mail that day!

So this started out as the most difficult manicure ever, and I should know difficult manicures, but this one really had me cussing! I didn’t have a nail dotting tool, so I tried to fake it with a bobby pin. I was literally dipping the entire bobby pin in the bottle and getting big blobs on my nails – each time, I’d have to redo the gold base color, ugh!!! Well, after reaching out to my bud Trina of xoxoTrina.com, she sent me a quick how-to video. To get the dots, simply touch a nail polish brush onto a paper plate leaving a blob of polish. Next, dip your bobby pin into the blob and dot the bobby pin onto your fingernail. Why was I making it so difficult??? I had sworn this manicure off until Trina saved me from my frustration lol. It actually turned out to be super easy.

Don’t forget to use a base coat first – I painted gold directly on my nails one time and it stained so bad! My nails looked so dingy and nasty until I grew it out completely. I’ve never let nail polish of any color touch my nails again. Also, I opted not to top with a top coat because I didn’t want to smooth out the blobs of polish. I felt like the blobs looked more like the enamel dots in the ring.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that I tried to represent every color of the enamel drops in the ring with the nail polish dots, and in the same order (OCD much?). I used all creme polishes to replicate the beautiful opaque drops including China Glaze Midnight Kiss as the base gold color, China Glaze City Siren (coming out in Fall), China Glaze First Mate, China Glaze Starboard, China Glaze Urban Night (coming out in Fall), Orly Spark, Orly Wild Wisteria, Essie Tart Deco, Essie Lapis of Luxury, and Essie In Stitches.

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