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Manicure Mondays – 4th Of July Manicure

Fourth 4th Of July Manicure 4th of July Nails American Flag Nail Art

Metal Mosaic Ring – JewelMint.com

The 4th of July is on Monday – do you all have your manicure picked out yet? I wanted to post this Manicure Monday a little early in case you all needed some ideas. I used all China Glaze products to get this look, as that’s what I had on hand. I’ve used these basic red, white, and blue polishes in so many nail art manicures! You don’t want to go over your designs in too many strokes, so it’s best to use polishes that are opaque in one coat.

Fourth 4th Of July Manicure 4th of July Nails American Flag Nail Art

Fourth of July Manicure Ingredients

4th of July Nails DIY:

  • A Base Coat
  • Red, White, and Blue Nail Polish
  • Nail Stamp & Scraper, Nail Stamping Image Plate – Stars Design, White Stamping Polish
  • Office Labels
  • French Manicure Guide Stickers
  • Thick Clear Top Coat

To get the look, I started with a Seche Clear Base Coat and one coat of China Glaze Ruby Deer. Let this dry completely, about 30 minutes, before you move on to the next step. I took Avery 525 round office labels, cut them in half, and pressed two of them lengthwise on each nail with a small gap between each piece. Paint a strip of white nail polish, I used China Glaze Snow, in the gap between the two pieces of tape and allow it to dry completely before you remove the tape. If you have a steady hand and you’re short on time, a single stroke of white nail polish should be fine if you’d prefer to avoid taping it off first.

Once you’ve allowed the white stripe to dry completely, use french manicure tip guides to tape off the end of your nail. Paint one layer of blue on your tips, I used China Glaze First Mate, and allow to dry. Next, stamp white stars on your blue tips using Bundle Monster Plate BM14 and Konad’s white nail stamping polish. Finish off with a thick coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

If you’re new to stamping, you’ll need a basic stamping kit including a Konad Stamper, Scraper, and a white stamping polish.

So what do you all think of this American Flag manicure? It’s the perfect manicure for the 4th of July or the Olympics. Is this a look you would try? I’m so ready for fireworks now!

Update: I just did this version of the 4th of July manicure for those of you that may not have the time/skills/patience taping off the other :). Just a quick snapshot from my Instagram – I used all of the same ingredients as the mani above.

Fourth 4th Of July Manicure 4th of July Nails American Flag Stars Nail Stamp Nail Art

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Your Thoughts?

  • Paige

    The other day I did fourth of July nails, and tried to use the same stamp on my nails from Bundle Monster. At first I tried it with the white Konad polish, then with Sally Hansen White On, but once I tried to pick them up with the stamper, all the points of the star were basically dried in the plate. I had to be creative with other plates xD Oh well, I tried different speeds (because I know you have to be pretty fast)and even polish. It was a no go. I survived without those little stars though. http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/261372_2124229462103_1136856591_2477504_1743427_n.jpg

  • http://www.lovemaegan.com …love Maegan

    wow, how the hell do you get it SO PERFECT!!! I would lose my mind at those tiny details and end up throwing the nail polish bottles across the room, lol. I love the photo! …and your ring. Also, you have gorgeous nails.

  • Amber

    LOVE the nails!! I agree with Maegan… I have no patience for all of those steps! But I’m glad you do because I love seeing how creative you get with manicures. In other news, I tried the Sally Hansen Crackle nail polish overcoat and it works WONDERFULLY! Thought I’d let you know in case you hadn’t tried it since you liked the China Glaze ones so much (this one is cheaper!) Happy 4th of July hon!

  • http://www.mydressyways.com cadrommy

    I am with Maegan. I can barely handle a simple one colored mani! This is amazing girl! I wish my nails were long enough to do this with. This is my favorite July 4th mani!

  • http://rockcurvatude.blogspot.com Goody @Curvatude

    love this!

  • Ale

    My Gosh!! U are most definitely amazing!!! I just don’t know how you can do all these elaborate manis by yourself! Kudos!!!! BTW, I was wondering if you could help me chose a cool mani for my new jewel mint Midas Ring!!!!

  • http://xoxotrina.com Trina

    As you know, I tried this look and it’s not as good as yours but I really like how it turned out. It got a bit “gummy” somehow yesterday, maybe the sunscreen reacting with the top coat? I tried to scrap the outer gummy bits off and repainted a top coat to get it glossy again, but it’s not as fresh as when I first did it. But overall this was a fun mani to wear. Thanks for the idea Jen!

  • jennifer

    im so happy you all like the manicure. it was definitely a labor of love (i worked on it on and off throughout the day to make sure each coat was dry), but i am so happy with the end result and it got a lot of fun attention :)

  • http://amominredhighheels.com Tammy Gibson

    Love the manicure but it’s the RING I want. It’s still sold out on JewelMint! :( Absolutely LOVE it! Hope you had a fun 4th!!

  • http://www.lotus-blossoms.blogspot.com Julie

    Mine was kind of similar. I did red with blue tips but I stamped white stars on the red part. It was my first stamped mani and it was cute! I really got the stamps for my girls but I think it’s fun for a holiday.

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  • Katy

    I love your site! One question, do you ever have issues with the labels/French tip guides removing the polish already on the nail? I have been trying this sort of technique with scotch tape and it always pulls off some polish, even with a Shellac top coat :/

    • jennifer

      so happy you love my site! yes, i do have issues with that. i usually work on my mani throughout the day. base color in the morning let it dry and do other things, then by the afternoon i move on to the next layer :) hope this helps :)

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  • http://www.heroineinheels.com Laura

    Wow these are absolutely amazing! You have such a talent xx
    Heroine In Heels

    • jennifer

      thank you so much!

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