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Manicure Mondays – Sally Hansen’s Beige Blast

Sally Hansen Beige Blast Nude Creme Nail Polish

Happy Manicure Mondays everyone! Chanel came out with 3 polishes in their Summer 2011 collection, two of which I duped the last two weeks – Chanel Mimosa, a beautiful shimmery creme yellow, and Chanel Morning Rose, a soft creme pink with gold micro-shimmer. With two of three dupes down, I thought I’d complete the collection with another look for less; however, their third color is a beige that I really didn’t care for at all. It is a super sheer watery looking beige, so instead of doing another dupe, I opted to do a bright creme beige with Sally Hansen’s Beige Blast.

I think this is the most simple color and manicure I’ve ever done for mani Mondays, which is a nice change of pace sometimes. If you don’t have the money for a French mani, or the skills to DIY, a simple blast of light beige creme nail polish is perfect for summer. Super light colors against summer skin make nails look so healthy and chic.

So what do you all think of Sally Hansen’s Beige Blast? Is this a color you would try?

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Your Thoughts?

  • Lia

    I love this!! It’s so simple and chic, perfect for summer!



    • jennifer

      thank u so much! i love it too! looks very fresh and clean :)

  • Ooh – I like this one alot! May have to pick it up on my next trip to Target…thanx for sharing!!

    • jennifer

      thanks so happy you like it! i got it at cvs, they often have buy one get one half off on sally hansen :)

  • I totally agree! A simple nude is a nice break from the brights of summer – and this is a great nude. I am so jealous of your nails and perfect cuticles! I also like to stick to a light color like this when I know I’m going to go a few days without time for a mani. Except now I have my trusty Sally Hansen strips! :)

    • jennifer

      thank u so much! not only do light colors look great and healthy for spring/summer, but dang, they’re so much easier to take off. i hate taking off all of the navys, wines, and blacks in fall/winter lol. but they sure do look good :)

  • olga

    This is so pretty! I don’t think I would’ve picked it on the shelf but I really like how it looks on your nails. I really want to try the other 2 dupes you did, specially the yellow :)

  • Alex

    I’m so loving these pastels/neutrals manis. From the petal pusher with bling to this beige, they are all on my top favorites. It is a departure for good from the statement black and blues. Don’t get me wrong, I love those too. But this is a better way to embrace sunny, windy, chilaxing summer days!!!! Thumbs up girl!!!!!

  • Did you do your nails yourself? They look so professional!

  • I like it! I always have a tough time with nude type colors covering smoothly. I do have 2 Qs I thought you may be able to answer for me. First, where do you find China Glaze (other than online)? Second, how do you get your nails so clean after the dark colors? I was wearing Russian Navy and now it’s still dark around the edges. Thanks!

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  • kimmy

    Hi Jennifer,
    Absolutely love your blog, your manicures are always so perfect.
    I just wanted to ask which would be you recommended for an inexpensive nude or beige polish that doesn’t turn out sheer or requires me to build layers for it to become a solid colour. I’m after a polish that only requires one or two layers and it gives a perfect nude finish.
    Thank you in advance.

    • jennifer

      im so happy you love my blog! thank you so much for that. and by the way, have you been reading my mind… or at least my internet searches somehow? i have been on a mission to find the perfect creme nude nail polish, and so far no luck. by perfect, i mean, no strong undertones of orange, yellow, pink, tan etc. sally hanson’s beige blast is definitely the closest i’ve ever come to the perfect creme nude. if i find something better, i’ll definitely let you know. thanks again for the blog lovin and i hope you’ll keep in touch!