Manicure Mondays – Chanel Mimosa Look For Less

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Chanel Mimosa Dupe Comparison Yellow Shimmer Creme Nail Polish

Chanel Mimosa in Sunlight

Chanel Mimosa Dupe Comparison Yellow Shimmer Creme Nail Polish

Chanel Mimosa in Outdoor Shade

Chanel Mimosa Dupe Comparison Yellow Shimmer Creme Nail Polish

Chanel Mimosa vs. Revlon Electric and Sally Hansen Lightening

Chanel Mimosa Dupe Comparison Yellow Shimmer Creme Nail Polish

Chanel Mimosa vs. Revlon Electric and Sally Hansen Lightening, JewelMint’s Aqua Bomb Ring

Chanel Mimosa Dupe Comparison Yellow Shimmer Creme Nail Polish

Chanel Mimosa vs. Revlon Electric and Sally Hansen Lightening

Chanel Mimosa Dupe Comparison Yellow Shimmer Creme Nail Polish

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As you all know, I love a good Chanel nail polish look for less, so I couldn’t help but to dupe their beautiful Mimosa – a yellow creme with a barely there silverish yellow micro-shimmer from their Summer 2011 Le Vernis collection. It helps that my good friend Jessica is a HUGE fan of Chanel nail polish, so she’s my go-to girl when I need to borrow a polish to dupe.

I found two “look for less” colors, and one of them is perfect! Revlon’s Electric may as well have been bottled at the Chanel factory because there is absolutely no difference between it and Mimosa – the hue, saturation, and brightness are exactly the same. The primary difference is application, which you don’t notice in the finished look, but the Revlon went on so much better than Chanel’s Mimosa. I’ve used three Chanel polishes to date and they are all streaky and a bit goopey (at $27 a bottle!!!). I have to keep layering the polish until it is completely opaque to hide the streaks. With that said, when I painted my right hand to complete my manicure for the week, I opted for Revlon’s Electric over the Chanel lol.

Sally Hansen’s Lightening is a close runner up if you already have it on hand – the difference is that it’s slightly darker yellow and has no shimmer.

So what do you think of this Chanel Mimosa look for less? Is this a color you would try?

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25 Responses

  1. revlon always has good chanel dupes. ‘perplex’ was a good dupe for paradoxl…

    • jennifer says:

      wwwwoooowww, what a great dupe. those colors are gorgeous. if my bud has the real, i may have to find a steal :) thanks for the tip!

  2. cadrommy says:

    WOW! I LOVE Revlon nail color! They always have great trendy colors and the formula is fantastic. Love that you were able to find a dupe for the Chanel! And I am very shocked that the Chanel has a streaky formula, I’ve never tried the formula myself.

    I picked up a bottle of yellow polish recently too – it was Sally Hansen, but not the Insta-Dry formula. The yellow I got was the round bottle that’s cheaper. I love it! It’s more of a pale yellow but I got tons of compliments on it. My sister also picked up a blue called “Pacific Blue” which I’m currently in love with. (I remember the name because I just wore it last week.) Sally is quickly becoming my favorite drug store polish too!

    • jennifer says:

      i was shocked too. can you believe that it was streaky and for that price. i guess you are paying for unique colors, but not so unique if there was already a dupe out there. i guess chanel dupped revlon lolol. i bet that pale yellow looked amazing on you! i really want to try that pacific blue. maybe ill add that to my “to try” list lol.

  3. Debbi says:

    That Sally Hanson Lightening is the yellow Whitney used in her argyle. She really likes it and just bought another bottle. She’s also got the Pacific Blue, which is a really pretty color! Used it on my toes last week.

    • jennifer says:

      no way! what a coincidence! and did you see cadrommy’s comment about the pacific blue? lol. ill have to check that color out :)

  4. Megan says:

    looooove it! I settled for NYC’s taxi yellow – it was crap

  5. Tracie says:

    I got Sally Hansen’s Mellow Yellow and put a coat of Chanel’s Pearl drop on top.

  6. alyson says:

    that revlon is awesome! i’m a little nervous how yellow will look with my lighter skin tone but hey, that’s what a polish change is for! :) thanks for the great find.

    • jennifer says:

      you’re so welcome and so right, that’s what a polish change is for! go for it! so easy to just take it off and switch it up :)

  7. Angie says:

    I love Revlon’s nail polishes also! I find that their formula is better than Essie. I am surprised that it is better than Chanel. I will definitely have to pick this up at my next trip to the drugstore b/c I have been dying to try mimosa. Thanks for the great tip!

    • jennifer says:

      i had never tried revlon polishes before, and loved! this particular one was way better than the chanel. i was surprised too, especially at $27 a bottle! no thank you lol.

  8. catface says:

    i just found your blog and being a huge nail art fan i love your monday installment.

    what do you think about the studded nails? so far ive seen them on kesha and lady gaga, how do i do it? its a great going to the club look but im afraid it will snag on my clothes.

    • jennifer says:

      thank u so much and welcome! i love the studded nail look. ill probably recreated one of those looks for fall/winter. you can probably find flat studs (with out the spikes) in a craft store and secure them with a top coat :) thanks so much for your comment and hope you’ll keep in touch!

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  10. Alex says:

    I went yesterday to Sally’s to buy the China Glaze’s Naked and found that the Lemon Fizz color of this line is a little bit lighter, but has the same shimmery finish, and it looks really nice.

    • jennifer says:

      no way! that’s awesome! ill have to check that out (especially since im in Sally’s about twice a week lol) thanks for the tip!

    • Alex says:

      No problem. I loved it and probably will go back and get it. I’m still trying to get use to the idea of yellow on my nails, since I’m latina and my light/yellowish skin tone always surprises me.

    • jennifer says:

      oh wow, i would think it’d look best on your skin tone. you’ll have to let me know what you think if you pick it up :)

    • Alex says:

      LOL! Thanks for the pep talk. I think I’m more worried about my sweetie’s reaction than anything… He loves when I do my nails, but the unusual hues not always thrill him!!!! Oh well, wouldn’t be the first time I mess with him that way!!!!!

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