Manicure Mondays – Petal Pusher and Gold Sequins

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Deborah Lippmann Boom Boom Pow Gold Glitter Nail Polish

With summer right around the corner, I couldn’t wait to lighten things up a bit. As you all know, I can’t get away with a simple manicure. I have too much fun layering and playing with color. I love the gold sequin glitter over the super light pink creme nail polish in this manicure. I needed a pink that was light enough to contrast well against the gold glitter.

Deborah Lippmann gave me the polish of my choice and I fell in love with Boom Boom Pow, their gold sequin glitter! Deborah Lippmann is a celebrity manicurist and designs colors specifically for runway shows and photo shoots. This color in particular was designed for an editorial shoot with Kate Moss. Kate was photographed nude, but covered with gold jewelry and Deborah wanted to capture this amazing effect in a nail polish, so she designed the gorgeous Boom Boom Pow. It looks so beautiful over the super light pink creme, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Petal Pusher, shown below. If the Deborah Lippmann is a little out of your price range, Sephora by OPI Only Gold For Me top coat is a perfect dupe (octagonal gold sequins and all).

So what do you all think of this manicure? Is this something you would wear?

Sally Hansen Instant Dry Petal Pusher Light Pink Creme Nail Polish

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39 Responses

  1. Janet says:

    I would do it! I only wear light neutral colors on my fingers and the glitter makes it pop out. Its really nice I like it. Makes my want to run downstairs to do my nails…


  2. cadrommy says:

    That’s a beautiful combination! I love my nude polishes as much as my darks! Looks like I need to pick up Pedal Pusher and look for a “Looks for Less” of the Deborah Lippmann!

    • jennifer says:

      sephora has a less expensive gold glitter. it is the opi for sephora. it doesnt have the large sequins, but it’s close in look. and i love the petal pusher. im with you, i love lights and darks and not much in between lol.

    • Alex says:

      Hey girls! I’m always on the hunt for cheap nail enamels and I stumbled upon Milani Jewel FX golden glitter nail enamel at walgreens. I think it may be cheaper than the Opi for Sephora. Here in Puerto Rico it varies from $5 to $6 each. So you can give it a try. And, indeed, it leaves tons of confetti-like glitter in one stroke.

  3. Somhrita says:

    Yay! This looks awesome! I have some gold glitter polish.. definitely going to try this one out!

  4. Charee says:

    I love this mani! That Sally Hansen Petal Pusher is GORG! I love the color and the gold polish just gives it that extra Ooommmppphh! HAUTE!

  5. Rishika De says:

    Gorgeous!! :) Reminds me of this manicure I did lately with black and gold glitter.

  6. Trina says:

    LOVE those octagonal sequins!

  7. Katie says:

    WOW! This looks gorgeous! I am so in love with these colors together lately – you captured them both so perfectly in this mani! LOVE!

  8. nluvwshoes says:

    I would definitely wear! I love this look and I am such a fan of gold thanks for this one

  9. cynthia says:

    Can I just tell you how much I wish my nails looked like yours. Love this!!

  10. Amy H. says:

    Love, Love, Love! This is another must try manicure. Thanks for sharing all your fun ideas you come up with.

  11. Laura says:

    I love this! I just ran out to get petal pusher! How many coats are on your nails above without the gold fleck?

  12. nluvwshoes says:

    OK so I had to come back to say that I bought the polish Petal Pusher only to find out that I own a similar color fromt he wet n’ wild brand lol oh well and I will be ordering the Boom Boom Pow color off amazon ;) Thanks! I think this is something I could definitely wear all the time ;)

  13. Trina says:

    I’m back to say I think this is the pink/nude/beige I’ve been needing. Must get ASAP. It looks like there’s hardly any VNL and that’s hard to find in these lighter colors. YAY!

  14. Erica says:

    I am nail obsessed, and when I see blogs use nail pics that clearly came from nail blogs without crediting them, I get super angry. So today, your pic from this post was published here:

    and you weren’t credited. Dunno if you care, but i thought I’d leave it here for you in case you did.

    • jennifer says:

      hey erica! yes, it is so frustrating. i appreciate you taking the time to share. i guess i should start watermarking these, but i hate to take away from the art due to theives. such a bummer. thank you again so much for sharing!

  15. Sarah S. says:

    I Lovelovelove Petal Pusher! Probably my favorite nude/natural polish ever.

  16. Leah says:

    Omygosh, I am so happy you found my blog. I was wondering for the longest time where Jenna found the photos for her nail collage. I am so happy that you found me. I am in love with your blog and your nails! I can’t wait to feature you properly on my blog. A huge thank you :)

  17. Trina says:

    Wearing this polish again, but I have on two coats and there is definitely VNL :( I came back to see how many you had on and I wonder what the difference is?

    Think I will attempt a feather mani over this tonight though. :)

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  21. Leah says:

    Youro mani was on Lauren Conrad’s site!! CONGRATULATIONS!

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  26. ohsogirly says:

    This is absolutely *gorgeous*! I’ve already bought this Deborah Lippmann lacquer to try this out myself :)

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