Manicure Mondays – Island Escape Leopard Manicure

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China Glaze Island Escape Summer 2011 Tropical Leopard Manicure

China Glaze Island Escape Summer 2011 Tropical Leopard Manicure

China Glaze Island Escape - Summer 2011

There’s something about this tropical leopard manicure that gets me all excited. It’s so colorful and totally puts me in the mood for summer. This one may be more festive for summer than my palm tree manicure!

As you all know, I am crazy about China Glaze, and their Island Escape Summer 2011 collection is no exception! The entire collection is worked into the manicure above, with the addition of China Glaze Liquid Leather for the black edges. Check out the video below for a how-to tutorial from China Glaze.

Island Escape is made up of two crèmes and four shimmers:

Leopard Manicure Tutorial

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14 Responses

  1. Charee says:

    Oh Em Gee!! I Love this Jen!!!!!!

  2. Lia says:

    This is amazing!! I want my nails to look like this!!



  3. cadrommy says:

    No wonder you were so excited! I LOVE it! Did your husband help this time too? ;)

  4. Natalie says:

    This is so amazing! I love all the China Glaze colours that you’ve posted…but I don’t suppose you know if they’re available in the UK? I really want some summery colours on my nails! :)

  5. Ally says:

    That looks awesome!!! Definitely going to have to give this a try!!

  6. Rishika De says:

    Oooo I love that crackle polish! I want!!

  7. Alanna says:

    I know this has absolutely nothing to do with nails (although I love this manicure idea and I can’t wait to try it). But I was checking out the H&M US site and they have clothes up now! It’s similar to an online store but you can’t buy anything yet. However, they have different views of the clothes and you can see the items in different colors. I guess they’re testing it out for when they will offer online shopping later in the year.

    Just thought I’d share. I love your blog! :)


  8. Trina says:

    So!Fun! :) Love it!!!!

  9. Nicole O. says:

    This design is so cute! I love Electric Pineapple & Papaya Punch. :D

  10. Somhrita says:

    LOVE it! this is a really fun manicure! :)

  11. nluvwshoes says:

    Love this perfect for the summer and will prbably lighten up any outfit, may not be able to do it myself but might have to take a picture and give to my manicurist lol

  12. Chloe says:


    Your and absolute manicure maven. The condition of your nails are beautiful. I would love to do more creative, unique manicures like yours but my nails, cuticles are in terrible condition and I cannot always afford a manicure and when II do a manicure myself it never turns out the same. Specifically the sides of my nails where the skin meets the nails are always looking ragged no matter what I do. Are there any secrets to your great looking nails, do you mind sharing how you keep your nails in such beautiful condition. Any products that you use that would help or something that you do daily?

    Thank you,

    Chloe :)

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