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Manicure Mondays – Alexa Chung’s Palm Tree Manicure

Alexa Chung New York Fashion Week Palm Tree Manicure Nails

Alexa Chung at New York Fashion Week

Alexa Chung New York Fashion Week Palm Tree Manicure Nails

Me in my backyard, lol

Alexa Chung New York Fashion Week Palm Tree Manicure Nails

It was the middle of winter and we spotted Alexa Chung wearing a palm tree manicure to kick start New York Fashion week at the Barney’s event in honor of Carven. She was also spotted the following day at Christian Siriano’s A/W ’11 show with the manicure still in tact. I LOVE it. It is freezing in New York in February, but in true Alexa form, she is always a season ahead of the fashion curve lol. Now that it is spring, I thought it was perfect timing to recreate this beachy manicure – I’m so ready for a margarita poolside underneath the palm trees.

Alexa Chung New York Fashion Week Palm Tree Manicure Nails

Palm Tree Manicure DIY Ingredients:

To recreate this look, first prep your nails with a base coat and a base color. I used Seche Vite Clear Base Coat and China Glaze Snow, although any bright white creme will do.

For the palm leaves, I went out and bought some inexpensive nail art brushes which was a huge mistake! Even the longest softest brush wasn’t soft enough, so the design was a big blurry blob. Yes, I was cussing lol. The next day, I ran out to Sally Beauty Supply and picked up a Stripe Rite brush in a beautiful metallic teal green (yes, these manis are often a few day long process before I get it right lol). I didn’t even realize until working on this post that the name of the color is Sea Green, very appropriate lol. I’ve seen these nail art brushes before and always overlooked them thinking I would NEVER attempt a free hand design, but this palm tree manicure couldn’t be any easier for a first attempt. The Stripe Rite brush is super long, thin, and soft for the perfect precision. I did each palm tree with a slightly different design – some with four leaves and others with five.

For the trunk of the tree, I couldn’t find a Stripe Rite in the perfect shade of coral, red or brown, so I cleaned up the brush that I used for the leaves and dipped it in my China Glaze Life Preserver from the China Glaze Spring 2011 Anchors Away collection. Each trunk is just one swipe of the brush all the way to the end of my nail curved towards me. I gave the design a few minutes to dry to avoid smudging and finished it off with a heavy coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

So what do you think of this beachy manicure? Is this something you would try?

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Your Thoughts?

  • So cute! You know I’ll try this at some point ;)

    • jennifer

      i hope you will. perfect mani for a trip to florida lol ;)

  • somhrita

    that is SO pretty! WOW. and so precise!

    • jennifer

      thanks so much! it was really easy with the right brush. my husband had to do the trunks on my right hand. i was laughing so hard that i was crying lol.

  • i loove this, it looks super easy!!

    • jennifer

      thanks! so happy you love it! you should try it! it really is easy!

  • cadrommy

    LOVE it! I love this design on the white nails! I picked up a gold nail art pen that works great, but I can’t do my left hand on my own so I haven’t done a full mani with it yet. I might have to recruit the hubs to do it for me too. I’m sure I’d laugh just as hard as you to see him with nail art pen in hand, doodling on my nails. :D

  • Mary

    So I am officially obsessed with your blog I. Change my nail polish at least every other day lately. Right now i have bright pink with sparkle french tips except my thumbs are blue all sparkly with big pink bows. I was looking through your older posts and saw the nail stamps and immediately ordered a huge set of them. I can not wait until they get here!

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  • Bere

    Call me crazy, but at first they look like carrots. lol

    • jennifer

      you’re right LOL. so funny!

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