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Manicure Mondays – Salon Effects Misbehaved

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Misbehaved Gold Fishnet Press On Polish

It’s official – I am CRAZY about Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects. I find myself gushing about them to anyone that will listen lol. I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about a beauty product.

This week I tried Salon Effects in Misbehaved, a beautiful champagne metallic base color with a black fishnet overlay design. These are officially the Minx look for less. If you’ve never heard of Minx, it is a salon-only manicure that involves heating a thin piece of polymer to your nails. They come in beautiful designs and high-shine metallics that you could never get from an at-home manicure… until now! At a price tag of about $50, Minx nails are not exactly in my budget.

Salon Effects are real nail polish strips, come off easily with nail polish remover, have zero dry time, really do last 10 days as stated on the box (I’ve tested and approved), and you don’t have to worry about heavy fumes or spills. I should totally be a Salon Effects sales person because I am so passionate about them lol. I haven’t been able to find them online yet; however, you can pick them up at your local CVS, Walgreens, or WalMart.

So what do you think of Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects? If you try them, and you definitely should, I hope you’ll comment to this post with a link to a pic.

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Your Thoughts?

  • Ann

    I totally love these. I’ve already tried 4 different kinds however I couldn’t get them to last past 4 days. :( Though I am a preschool/daycare teacher which requires tons of hand washing so that’s probably a factor in them not lasting.

    • jennifer

      this is my second one, so i’ll let ya know how it goes. i imagine differnt materials (shimmer vs. creme colors) may have a different endurance. hoping this one lasts as long as the other :)

  • I definitely like this design better than last week’s. Super cute! :)

    • jennifer

      awesome! so happy to hear that. i think this may be one of my favorite manicure mondays all time ever :) thanks for the comment :)

  • I am dying to try these, based on your recent review of them! I keep looking at my local CVS, but they have been out of the prints. As soon as I can snag some, I will. I have my eye out for Misbehaved and the hounds tooth one. (I went to Alabama, and we Bama girls luuuurve to pay tribute to Bear Bryant on Game Day with our hounds tooth accessories!)

    • jennifer

      hey kimmy, how are you? did you try walmart or walgreens? hope you will try these and if you do, please comment back with a link to a pic :) i LOVE the houndstooth design! good to hear from you and thanks for the comment.

  • Stephanie

    I can’t find them anywhere! If you ever do find them online, let us know! Thanks!!

    • jennifer

      i keep looking for them online and will let you know as soon as i do :) good to hear from you :)

  • Samantha

    I have the lace design on my nails at the moment. I agree that this is probably one of my favorite new beauty products. It has a high price tag but I justify it by saying it’s only $1.00 a day. This is my first day, so I’m not sure how long it’s going to last for me. I don’t do much with my hands, so I think it will last a pretty good amount of time. I’m excited to try more on myself and my friends.

    • jennifer

      you have to commment back with a link to a pic! :) my sis did the lace design and it lasted a long time! i justify the price too considering that they are less than the salon Minx nails ($50), not that i would ever pay $50 for a salon manicure lol.

  • Oh I love the metallic and the fishnet!! I’ll have to see if my local stores have this design :)

    • jennifer

      i knew you would! :) you’ll have to comment back with a link to a twitpic. this press on nail polish is AMAZING! i love it! thanks for the comment :)

  • Erin D.

    O I am SOOOOOO in love with this new product. i am wearing the leopard print now and fish nets are next. I even got a compliment from a senator that i met last night. LOVE It. Everyone LOVES it.

    Today is day 10 for the leopard print and it still looks FABO.

    Thank you Looks For Less :)

    • jennifer

      that is so awesome! sounds like you’re as excited about them as i am lol. im like a salon effects pimp lol. the peer pressure i am laying on my buds to try these! will you comment back with a link to a pic :) good to hear from you!

  • I immediately went downstairs to the CVS in my office building and bought these. Can’t wait to get home to try it out. Thanks for the awesome post!

    • jennifer

      no way! that’s awesome! hope you’ll comment back with a pic :) can’t wait to see how they turn out! :)

    • Amy H.

      Tried the nail polish strips today and I’m absolutely obsessed! They are almost the same price as buying a bottle of OPI, so that’s how I will justify buying them. Thanks again for your great posts on this product. Keep up the great work!

  • Brit

    They look so good!! These ones are so much better on your nails then they look in the package! My Walgreens down the street is all out of the ones I want! I definitely want the black and white flower ones again and these! Awesome! I could be a spokesperson too, they rock! :)

  • I want this set! I finally found some at Rite Aid but they didn’t have these particular ones. Ulta also had a few but mainly the solid colors. These looks awesome.

  • Natalie

    I just went to Walgreens today and they were running a special on Sally Hansen products (bogo sale) so I decided to pick up two of these polish strips (and I also had 2 coupons which saved me $3 more, so I basically got 2 for the price of 1. Yay! I’m so excited to try these out!

    I got misbehaved and cut it out :)

    • BOGO you say? I’m so there!!!

    • jennifer

      ok so wal mart has the better price, and buy one get one sale, and you had a coupon! i love it! you are so looks for less! thanks for sharing!

  • Ana

    This is the one I want to get! I’ve been meaning to try this for a while and just got a coupon in the mail for $2 of of Salon Effects … I’m sold! :)

    ooh and I just saw the tip about Walgreens’ BOGO. yay!

  • Nina

    It’s official: I’m 100% obsessed with these. As soon as I read this post, I went out to Rite Aid and picked up a box. They’re PERFECT. Went on easily and quickly- they’re ideal for someone like me who likes having their nails done, but often doesn’t have the time or patience to give myself a proper manicure! (or the money to pay for a salon one) I love this pattern because it’s so stylish and classy, but I can’t wait to try others too! I wore it out to bars and such on my 21st birthday, and everyone kept asking me where I got my nails done!

  • Regan

    Hey Jennifer!

    It’s our med school prom tonight, and I decided to swing by Target and pick up several sets of Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects… not only is this amazingly simple, BUT i figured out that you can get the MOST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK by using both sides of the application strip! Seeing as the stick-ums are stuck on using heat from your hands/toes, save 1/2 the pack and just flip over each decal for the coinciding finger on each hand! I got a fabulous manicure AND pedicure look for $7.50! (Target has a $1 coupon for the SH Salon Effects now!) Plus i have the remainder/middle part of the paint strips that I will test out to see if they work too! just make sure to stick the excess design strip back onto the white paper that you peeled it off of! So there you go, another way to make the most of the money you spend! It looks great!

  • Tierra

    I know this post was from forever ago… but they now sell them online @ drugstore.com!

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