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Manicure Mondays – Lace Manicure

Lace Manicure Lace Nails

Hey Everyone, sorry I’ve been MIA for the past few days, but I was enjoying some much needed quality time with my mom and sister. I was on a mission to keep the computer off for my four day weekend; however, my sis and I did do a lil somethin for a belated Manicure Mondays post. Here is a super fun real lace manicure that we worked on together – actually, I just sat there watching The Office marathon while sis did all the work :). This took more time than we expected and I’ll have to get back to ya on how long it lasts, but the end result was so worth it!

Lace Manicure Lace Nails

Real Lace Manicure – DIY Ingredients:

  • 1/2 Yard Lace From A Ribbon Spool
  • A Base Coat
  • A Base Color
  • Non-Permanent Glue
  • Thick Clear Top Coat
  • A Toothpick
  • Wax Paper

To recreate this look, first prep your nails with a base coat and a base color because this DIY does involve glue and you do not want to glue lace directly to your nails. I used Essie’s Protein Base Coat and Color Club’s Who Are You Wearing?. You will want to choose a base color that contrasts well with the color of your lace.

Next, lay the lace over a nail and with a pair of small scissors, we used eyebrow scissors, cut the lace to the size of your nail. You will want the lace to be slightly shorter than the length of your nails – it is very important that it does not extend beyond your nail, else you will not be able to seal it with the top coat. Lay a piece of lace on wax paper, coat the back side with glue using a toothpick, and place the lace on your nail pressing the sides down with the toothpick. We used Hold the Foam! glue because it has an immediate grip, yet allows you to reposition the lace before it dries. Repeat the trim and glue process for your remaining nails.

Finish the manicure with a couple of applications of a very thick clear top coat until the edges are sealed and the nail is smooth to the touch. We used the Konad Clear Top Coat because it is super thick for finishing nail stamping designs.

I’m not sure that this manicure will last long, but it is perfect for a girl’s night out or special occasion! Thanks so much to my sister for taking the time to decorate my nails. Our lace manicure party was so fun! Would you wear lace nails?

Update: My sis came back and also did a feather manicure and snakeskin manicure. Hope you’ll check them out and let me know what you think.

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