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My Sister’s Owl Themed Baby Shower

I was MIA last week because my sister was in town from Washington for our last “sister visit” before her little girl Vera is born. We drove to Georgia for her Owl Themed baby shower and then back to Florida for some much needed couch time. Here are some pics from our fun day. I can’t wait to meet my niece and welcome her into the family!

Owl Themed Baby Shower Invitations

A couple of months ago, my sister found these owl prints (below) on Etsy.com and decided to use them as the theme for her nursery. As a surprise, with a little photoshop magic (and the permission of the artist, of course), I used the owls from the online pics of the artwork to make a little owl family design for her baby shower invitations. I made invitations for my wedding, and now I’m hooked. I don’t think I’ll ever purchase invitations again! For a finishing touch, I printed a flower on the envelopes and made butterfly stamps printed by Zazzle.com.

Owl Themed Baby Shower Prints

Owl Themed Baby Shower Dress

How adorable is my “little” sis? She may be younger than me, but I look up to her and admire the young woman she has become. We’d do anything for each other and LOVE spending time together. Don’t know what I’d do without her!

About my look, I was worried what my “southern” family would think of my “a little too short for a baby shower dress”, so I opted for black tights with black flats to try and look a bit shorter in my short dress, hhaha. This ethnic print dress is from Forever 21 and I picked it up for only $24.80.

Owl Themed Baby Shower Cake

Owl Themed Baby Shower Cupcakes

The chocolate owl cake and vanilla cupcakes were by Funky Monkey Cakes in Ft. Benning Georgia. I wanted the owls to look more cartoon than realistic, similar to the invitations, and Iris nailed it. The color was perfect, the flavor was amazing, and I love that she dusted everything with a hint of edible glitter.

Owl Themed Baby Shower

I forgot to take a picture of the presents table, but it was so fun. I had a framed picture of my sis, profile belly pic, of course and on either side of the pic, I had these cute crochet knit baby booties. I didn’t realize how many amazing finds I picked up from Etsy.com until I started working on this post. Thanks so much to Eliana at Etsy for crocheting these booties just in time for the shower.

Owl Themed Baby Shower Flower Centerpieces Flowers

Owl Themed Baby Shower Flower Centerpieces

My colors were multi, pulled from the owl artwork, so I had to go with multi-colored vases and flowers. I love these bud vases from Fitzula’s Gift Shop. They were very affordable at $12.00 for a set of 3, and I ordered 4 boxes. The flowers were from Publix, our local grocery store – I picked up a mixed bouquet and put like-colors in each vase for bright pops of color.

Owl Themed Baby Shower Washcloth Cupcakes

I made a diaper cake for the last baby shower I hosted, so I wanted to attempt something new for my sis. I found some washcloth cupcakes online as my inspiration and fell in love. I made each cupcake by rolling up two washcloths (pack of 4 from WalMart – $.97) and a colored bootie to look like a dab of frosting on top, held together with a hidden string. I finished them off with a brown ribbon, cut and glued, to look like the chocolate cake covered in washcloth frosting. I love the way they turned out. I put each in cupcake paper and carried a dozen of them to Georgia in my cupcake caddy. Everyone thought they were real at first! They looked great scattered on the table with my flower centerpieces.

Owl Themed Baby Shower Cookie Favors

How perfect are these owl cookie favors? I love them so much. I stumbled across them on Etsy.com and thought the design was perfect. They were in the same cartoon-like style as the invitations and Melissa at TS Cookies customized the colors for a perfect match. TS Cookies is a bakery in Wisconsin that makes a variety of cookies designed for any occasion. The cookies were packed perfectly for shipping and Melissa was so helpful and very responsive to my every question and request. They taste great and were a big hit!

Owl Themed Baby Shower

Oh, I cannot wait to see Vera in this tutu!!! Can’t wait!!!

If you want to do a similar owl theme, but are short on time, check out this “Whoo Loves You, Baby” owl baby shower theme.

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  • You and your sis look gorgeous. The owl theme is super-cute.

  • Super cute!! You did such a great job! I love those cookies and the invites are adorable!

  • you both look gorgeous and i love the theme, so original! and i love anything owl related :)

  • Such a cute blog you have! You and your sis are adorable, love the owls of course– you did a great job setting up this shower! … and Vera is a lovely name!!

  • Amanda Ellis

    I heart Owls !! I was a Chi Omega in college so I am a big fan of anything owl-like. you look fab-o !

  • That’s the most creative theme I’ve ever seen! I loved it so much! Congratulations!

  • Sarah

    Hi–I just came across your site as I was searching for owl stuff for a baby shower. I love the invitations you made! Did you do the layout in photoshop with the clouds and background or is that special paper? Was the artist pretty receptive to you using her images? I would like to make something similar for my sister’s owl themed baby shower, would you mind sharing your process? Thanks!


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  • Such a cute blog you have! You and your sis are adorable, love the owls of course– you did a great job setting up this shower!

  • Erin Thurston

    I love the invites for the shower and would like to duplicate them if possible. I am hosting an owl themed shower for my sister in August and would appreciate any input on how you created these. I am kinda obsessing over them and nothing else will do!

  • Michelle McCoy

    I NEED these invitations!! Can I possibly buy about 25 from you?

    • hey michelle, i wish i could help, but i used artwork from an Etsy artist that approved my use for our personal invitations, rather than commercial purposes. i get so many requests for help that i actually posted an ad in the content for Party Pail, they specialize in owl themed showers. hope this helps – “Whoo Loves You, Baby” owl baby shower theme

  • How did I miss this one?! I was so confused bc I was thinking it was for baby #2 haha. You did a great job on the shower! Love the owl theme and all the special touches you did!

  • love the owls theme real cute and the invites are adorable!

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  • Love the cupcakes and favor cookies. Excellent job and such a cute theme.